September 10, 2015

Suicide – A Cry for Help

Every year September 10 is celebrated all over the world as Suicide Prevention Day and I feel its important to sensitize and spread awareness that suicide is the most preventable form of death. With an alarming increase in the suicide rates in our state, and with a special emphasis on Hyderabad, the need to spread awareness about identifying suicidal ideation is high. Creating a first line defense to prevent suicide is the need of the hour.

I am glad to read shipa’s post that speaks about myths and facts about suicide.

The daily news paper carries everyday at least two or three articles on suicide. Recently there was news of the two students in different situations committed suicide by hanging from the ceiling. There was also another incident wherein a living together couple chose to commit suicide due to financial crisis leaving a small little child in one of the flats in Hyderabad, the neighbors found the couple hanging and the baby crying.

Yesterday too there was news that a student from one of the private college was caught robbing cell phones from the hostel room. Unable to face the situation, he walked straight and jumped from the third floor, the CCTV footage has captured every detail of it, shocking the other students and the management.  

Reasons for suicide could be many; a lot needs to be done in terms of spreading the word around; and helping our youngsters build resilience to deal with the issues they struggle with,  by  helping them create space to express, vent and articulate issues so that they find help to a temporary problem.
If you or any of your friends live in Hyderabad, and they require help,
 you can contact the following centres:

Sahayam (OU Psychological Counseling Centre) 040-27682451
Counsellors…G Angela- 8978191518.. Cynthia- 9014238697
Makro Foundation (Suicide helpline..Monday to Friday) 040-46004600
Dr. George Reddy (Psychiatrist) 9000988944
Dr Diana Monteiro (Clinical Psychologist) 90002-34262
Hyderabad Academy of Psychology: 32578899
Roshini, Sindhi Colony, Secunderabad: 040-27904646
Asha Hospital 040-66752222‎
Alcoholics Anonymous (YMCA, Hyderabad) Dinakar 9849015203 

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Let us join together in responding to this issue; by talking about the most avoidable topic in our country. Let us be generous and share information and pass on links to those who are crying for help.



  1. It is really sad and tragic when people give up on hope and decide to end their lives. Wish they had a great support system in their families and friends and realize that all problems howsoever big have a solution. Thanks for sharing your voice for this serious issue. Thanks for linking my post too! ♥

  2. Its truly sad when we keep hearing about this; lets do our bit to the extent that we can; and can glad that you have chosen to write about suicide in your post.... may we bring hope to the hopeless; and make a difference to whoever touches our lives.... thanks for being here... it means a lot to me.


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