September 24, 2015

Gratitude List for September 2015.

I have written Gratitude List post  for September,2015 and am linking this to Gratitude circle.
Feast of Our Lady of Health, Hyderabad
September is the month of celebrations; coming from a catholic background, this month is also dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health, which is named after Mary the mother of Jesus in the bible.  For years we have been celebrating her birthday and the best part is that my daughter shares her birthday with her on 7 September, followed by my mother in law on the 8th September – so it’s a month filled with birthday celebrations. 

The other birthdays of the month was my neighbour Lucy, my friends daughter, Arushi,David's niece Diana Marcus and another two small kids, Tabitha & Sam

Mother in law & Maria Dorothy my daughter
Black Forest cake

My childhood friend Violet 

Visiting the local shrine with the family is mandatory every year, and meeting a whole lot of extended family members, friends and neighbours who have now moved away to another place is fun; as we get to see only once a year. I was glad to meet one of my childhood friends and catch up with her; we exchanged cell numbers and started chatting on phone, reconnecting our lives and picking up from where we left, it’s been a long time; and I felt happy to renew the contact.

Nice to be connected with bloggers who posted on the suicide prevention day; sensitizing and spreading awareness on suicide prevention. I felt very happy to read some very inspiring and meaningful posts on suicide prevention and could not resist but join their conversation. You may read if you are interested in making a difference and share this to spread the word around, we need not help 100 people, if we can help one, we have done our part. 

 I am grateful for the weather in Hyderabad; it’s been raining and I am glad for the rain; being the rainy season; and with water shortage every summer, we were worried, as July and August is already over and there was no sign of rain and now in the previous week we had rains a couple of days and the lovely showers every evening. It has been a cooling experience, bringing hope to our fears, now we see water is full and there is sense of satisfaction, we had some rain for this rainy season.

Celebration of  our small community in our area.

We had a one year celebration in our small community, wherein we meet regularly for prayers to build and uplift one another; we have more than 100 Christian families in the area where I live. But we have a very small group who come in regularly for prayer and fellowship… this was a small initiative from our parish to begin a group in the respective areas, where families can come together and pray together for the community and uphold one another’s faith. It’s been a positive experience and I am grateful for families who come to pray and share their faith.

I am also thankful for the interactions I have been having with a couple of bloggers on line and the feedback on some of the issues that I am facing. I do appreciate and value their sincere compliments and comments.

Amidst all the celebrations in this month – I am grateful for my daughter’s exam that went on smoothly; wherein I did not have to take a lot of stress running around my daughter to revise and study… with minimum motivation and little bit of encouragement I helped her to plan and implement her schedule… not perfectly.. but a little bit of flexibility. So today even the little bit help is not required, as yesterday was the last exam, and overall she has done well.

I am also grateful to be part of life skill training for young adolescents who are HIV+ve. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to get into meaningful work.

I am Grateful for the break I will get tomorrow to have some fun time with my daughter and I am also happy that all of us in the family are in good health, and have had a pleasant September.

Be Happy!


  1. Thanks for sharing your list of things you have to be grateful for. I remember going to the Bandra Fair for the feast of Mother Mary as a child.

    1. I remember my childhood days, when I used to look forward for this feast, mainly because of the temporary fancy shops that would be put up on the road side, on the way to the shrine... we as children used to save money to buy all the colourful fancy items available, and also meeting our relatives and friends. Thanks for being here, I do appreciate you !!

  2. Hi G Angela! How nice to celebrate all the birthdays together and a festival too. And it's so nice to read all the other things you have to be grateful for as well--rain, that's a big one for sure at least for us here in California. It's been extremely warm for September and not a drop of rain yet. We've been told El Nino will help but prayers are important. And yes for all the help and support we bloggers can offer each other. It makes life very rewarding. ~Kathy

    1. Thanks Kathy for being here; I feel so blessed to interact with you; I like your energy and knowledge that comes with your blog posts. Rain is the biggest blessings.... for I dread the water shortage in summer.. thankfully it rained... hope and pray that you get rains in California... appreciate you for being here:)

  3. Rain is always a blessing - we welcome it hugely when it comes to the highveld here in South Africa usually the first week in October. Thank you Genevive for your lovely post, reminding me always of how much there is to be grateful for.

  4. True ! how can we forget the water problem we had the previous summers... we had to store water and use it sparingly, as there was no water for basic needs.. so Susan we need rain not only for survival but also to cool the earth, and see greenery all around us. I am glad we did have rains. thanks for being here..hope to stay in touch.


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