September 26, 2015

99 things I love…

Inspired by some very lovely bloggers: Mackenzie,  Janine  &  
So here goes my list. 
  1. Love singing
  2. Viewing albums
  3. Listening to old songs
  4. Watching favourite movies
  5. Going for a morning walk
  6. Meditating in silence
  7. Practising some deep breathing
  8. Calming the mind
  9. Walking in the garden barefoot
  10. Enjoying chicken biryani with my daughter
  11. Love to see my husband work in the kitchen
  12. Swimming in a pool with my friends
  13. Swinging and playing with kids
  14. Smile of babies
  15. Laughter of children
  16. Sound of the rain
  17. Cool breeze in the mornings
  18. Sunrise and sunsets anywhere, any day
  19. Mom’s delicious sambar
  20. Letters from my loved ones
  21. Reading inspiring books/magazines/blogs
  22. Training sessions – where I love to take a few sessions
  23. Going on a holiday
  24. Movies with family and friends
  25. Love the time on the internet
  26. Meeting spiritual guides/gurus
  27. Constant learnings from life
  28. Reflecting and reliving memorable moments
  29. Hug from my son
  30. Kiss from my daughter
  31. A dinner with my husband
  32. Connecting with friends, cell phone, whatsapp
  33. Indulging in self care –pedicure
  34. Pampering myself with new set of clothes
  35. Meeting my students in counseling
  36. Being  kind
  37. Volunteering for a cause
  38. Being helpful
  39. Singing in the choir
  40. Involving in interesting projects
  41. Relaxing and sleeping on the green grass
  42. Playing at the seashore
  43. Walking in the beach
  44. Enjoying the hot fried fish 
  45. Making wine with black sweet seedless grapes
  46. Reading old diaries
  47. Buying gifts
  48. Picking up greeting cards
  49. Making a collage on birthdays
  50. Planning celebrations and events with family and friends
  51. Love birthdays, mine/family and friends
  52. Sending thank you notes
  53. Writing gratitude posts
  54. Joining in thanksgiving prayers/celebrations
  55. Clearing the clutter
  56. Changing and sorting out clothes
  57. Christmas celebrations
  58.  My daughters drawing books
  59. School  report cards from grade I till date
  60. My mom’s gifts
  61. Dancing with my kids
  62. Teaching them rhymes
  63. Going for a ride alone
  64. Climbing a mountain
  65. Visiting historical sites
  66. Practicing affirmations
  67. Smelling jasmines
  68. Trying a new recipe
  69. Scented perfumes
  70. Stylish purses
  71. Classical music
  72. Dancing free style
  73. Shopping with my daughter
  74. Reading inspiring blogs
  75. Cold water bath
  76. Childhood friends
  77. Flowers
  78. Chocolates
  79. Exhibitions –books, industrial
  80. Visiting new places
  81. Listening to stories
  82. Hot masala dosa any day!
  83. Smell of Tea/Coffee
  84. Butter milk in summer
  85. Learning new forms of meditations
  86. Visiting Rural villages
  87. Carrying a small lamb
  88. Cuddling with my son & daughter
  89.  Sitting in a toy train
  90. Walking in the park
  91. A visit to the zoo
  92. Awe with water falls
  93. Admiring ancient trees
  94. Watching the birds
  95. Gazing at the sky
  96. Listening to the piano
  97. Strums of the guitar
  98. Carol singing
  99. Cake and cashew nuts

 Enjoyed this exercise ...
Be Happy !!


  1. Such a fab list, Genevive. Practicing affirmations is so positive and so soothing too. I believe in it too!

    1. Thanks shilpa ! I must practice what I preach... so I do love to practice some very positive affirmations even before I suggest to my students...nice to hear from you :)

  2. Thanks so much for linking up with us with your 99 love list. I love this prompt :) and I loved reading your post! #fridayreflections

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading my post.... I loved doing this exercise and could not hold my happiness... this post made me smile, made me feel so rich and happy...thanks for being here, glad to be connected !!

  3. Barefoot in the garden is something I have been doing lately as Spring has arrived here and the garden is beautiful right now. What a happy list, it made me smile. Thank you so much for linking up I am glad I inspired you to write your list #Fridayreflections

    1. Thanks a ton for initiating this... I simply loved doing this and to my surprise, a lot more things came to my mind... then I needed a full stop at 99. Nice to know that you are walking barefoot in the garden.. its a great feeling and am happy to connect with you here..:)

  4. It was fun making the list, wasn't it? I got stuck in the middle making mine, I must admit

    1. agree ! and the energy and happiness that came after seeing my own list... I felt I repeated a few things in between and then deleted, thanks for being here... feels good:)

  5. Lovely post Genevive thank you! Loved all that you said!

    1. Thanks Susan ! nice to connect, after all the issues with my blog and the net... connections I am happy to see you here... in fact was thinking of you and was trying to connect to your post...the net connection is very slow and I am just managing to post and comment a little... hoping that everything will get sorted out.... sometimes I am very impatient when the computer does not work as expected.... then I get busy with other things.. end of the day I am grateful & happy no matter what..


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