May 30, 2015

My Gratitude List for May, 2015

I am glad to write this post for May, 2015.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the Gratitude Challenge I took part for 21 days, hosted by Corinne @ Everyday was a great way to keep me healthy and happy; as I oriented myself to write down what I felt, inspired by the lovely quotes on gratitude.

Selvaraj & Maria Valentina
May month has been a busy month, wherein I was part of an extended family’s celebration. I was part of every ritual of the marriage, and was also busy with making a book let for the wedding, time was spent in selecting the readings and putting everything in order.  This match was between my nephew (my cousin sister’s son) with my husband David’s niece (his cousin sister’s daughter). Since David helped to find this match – we were involved in every decision making and all celebrations before the wedding and after the wedding too. It was fun and also created a family bond.


Statue of Our Lady of Sea
This month was also a summer break for my daughter; so I was busy in getting her homework done; and also taking her out for a couple of movies. We enjoyed watching PIKU (a Hindi movie) together. I also sent her for a two day workshop on self awareness through painting, which she enjoyed. We went for a day’s tour to Nagarjunasagar Dam and had fun going around with friends, despite the weather our friends kept us entertained.

My daughter at the workshop

Me & my daughter at a theatre

I went to the doctor with a particular problem and I discovered other problems; I am grateful for this as it helped me to go for thorough Master Health Check up and ensure that I am healthy. I am grateful to the doctor for being concerned, genuine and patient with all my queries, and also for connecting me to the right persons.
My nephew Sam who celebrated his birthday this month
There were two birthdays in this month in our family one was my nephew Samuel, who celebrated on the 15 May and my second brother Francis who celebrated his birthday as well as his 35th wedding anniversary. I am happy and grateful for them in my life; and sent my love, prayers and wishes… the month of May was combination work, celebrations, fun, outing and also bonding with family.
At a silver wedding of another cousin
I am grateful to step into the 6th month of this year June 2015, hopefully that the weather will cool down; managed with 47 degrees and still alive and happy, looking forward for another meaningful month of this year. My journey will continue with gratitude….. hoping to hear your thoughts on my post.

 Be Happy!!


  1. Hello Genevive! My what a busy month May has been for you! I've so enjoyed reading your gratitude posts. Just this afternoon I took my son to the airport (he's been visiting for a week) and said to him how my sense of gratitude has expanded so much, not only by my keeping a gratitude journal from the beginning of this year, but also reading posts such as yours. I told him about you specifically ...
    June, just around the corner .... whew! I hope you and family and everyone is managing the extreme heat.

    1. Hi Susan ! its a joy for me to hear from you, glad to know that you enjoyed reading my gratitude post. I am happy to writing posts on gratitude and also enjoying reading about it from other inspiring bloggers... I need to read more and also spend some time appreciating some very great and authentic bloggers who make my day and also motivate me... am also grateful that May is gone(as May is one of the hottest month in Hyderabad) hoping for some showers in June, today already the weather has cooled down a bit. Soon I will be taking a break this week before the school reopens for my daughter... give my regards to your son and stay in touch, looking forward to read your posts..

  2. Such a full month! Thank you for sharing this taste of your life - and Happy June to you!

    1. Thanks Laurel, appreciate you for being here and thanks for your initiative, after reading your post, I wrote another list of gratitude for yesterday.. . thanks for inspiring !


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