May 26, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 21

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN
 The 21 Day Challenge

I am glad to complete this challenge, despite frequent power cuts, scheduled sessions, helping my daughter manage her time; finding something to keep her occupied, also looking taking care of my own health, that needed attention.

I challenged myself to do this exercise of gratitude for 21 days so that gratitude becomes an auto response in me, as I keep journeying in finding myself. My experience for the last 21 days has been very positive and a great motivating factor, especially when at the end of a tiring day completing all my responsibilities, it was very renewing and refreshing to focus on something very positive to think and reflect upon.

I am grateful for Every Day Gyaan for initiating this challenge, and thank Corinne for posting lovely quotes on gratitude every single day for 21 days. 

Every quote was so meaningful and inspiring, I felt motivated to respond to it with a few reflections from myself. This challenge kept my mind deliberately occupied to think and reflect upon the quotes that were posted.

While this month was a difficult one, wherein I had to make too many rounds to the clinic for an ear infections, followed by other issues that I needed to deal with as part of being healthy. This gratitude challenge has helped me to be happy; as everyday I made deliberate choice to look for the good in every experience and every situation right through 21 days and fill myself with gratitude.

Gratitude has kept me healthy, ruling out all infections from my body and also healing my ear infection.  I feel a lot better and stronger than before, and I am so glad to complete this challenge late … better late than never.
There was no internet connection at home; and now its back and I am happy to not only connect but also be inspired by blogger friends.

Be Happy ! Be Grateful !!

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