May 23, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 20

I am participating in  EVERYDAY GYAAN the 21 Day Challenge
May 1-21, 2015

I remember attending a retreat as young girl, wherein the preacher was talking about attitude; stating attitude is everything in life.  Even the way we get up from our beds makes a huge difference; and he went on to explain “how do we get up from the bed? “ do say Ooooh God another day???? Or do we say “ wow !! thank God it’s a brand new day” all the girls laughed looking at his expressions. He added a lot more of humour giving examples of people who are grumpy right from the time they are out of bed and everything seems to go wrong for them, they cry about water, electricity, food,  politicians, etc  and  the whole day they are at the  complain counter.

I felt funny when I heard all this ; but later realized what he meant and from then on made a choice to look forward to each new day as a “Brand New Day”  I remember choosing every day a different colour dress  and match them with my earrings and bindi and sometimes even change my hair style to feel the difference. (they were small joys – but lighted up my life..).

These may look superficial, but it did help me to look forward with enthusiasm, and still today it  is the feel good factor to look new and different everyday, coupled with daily walk, and daily prayer and gratitude, it raises my energy levels – keeping me positive and optimistic till the end of the day.

Smile with gratitude with the rising of the sun! and end with setting of sun in gratitude !!

Be Blessed & Be Happy !


  1. Thank you Genevive! Every day is indeed a brand new day for which we can be thankful! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  2. Glad to connect with you Susan.. yes happy for every New Day.. Happy also for the weekend, I have been involved in celebrations,, wedding in the extended family; busy and happy its over now and I am back to my desk...thank you for being here..

  3. Well said. How our day would progress, a lot of it depends on our attitude. So, yes, each day should start as a brand new day! Thanks for the reminder :)

    1. Thank you shilpa:) I don't know how I missed this comment, glad to hear and feels good to know that you have similar thoughts:)


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