May 20, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 19

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN
 The 21 Day Challenge

I recall my spiritual experiences in the charismatic renewal that not only made me come alive as Christian, but also made me a vibrant and zealous person. The level of gratitude in me increased by leaps and bounds….  Those days every prayer meeting would begin by praise and worship, and I remember a format was also made as to how to lead praise and worship for the youth meetings. The experience was a life changing one that brought in praise, thanksgiving and reverence to the creator.  This experience of God influenced the way I perceived everything in my life…. Gratitude still continues to empower me.

I was never the same again, as my faith helped me realize that I am loved despite who I am and for the first time in my life. I started reading the bible and found that the scripture was full of affirmations and appreciations. 

Broken as I was with low self concept and zero confidence, full of fear, worry and anxiety about my future, the words from the bible came alive, and I felt that every word was written for me and suddenly I realized that I am more worth than the sparrows; that I am precious and unique in Gods sight, that I am only one in this whole wide world, and there is none like me. I am not repeatable in the history of time, and God has plan and purpose for me.

I was filled with awe and admiration for what I heard, still struggling to believe; as my experiences in life was very contradictory. I am thankful to my friends who helped me believe in myself and gradually helped me gain confidence. Today I bow with gratitude for varied experiences that has led me closer to myself, filling me with gratitude, awe and reverence… 


  1. Oh those days! Life was simpler then - and how much we absorbed and learned. Blessed to have lived through those times, even if we've moved on in our faith journey. What would we be without them?

    1. Those were the days my friend ... we thought it would never end....truly a blessing for us and I feel sad for my daughter and other youngsters.. there is not much for them or I don't know, whether it is too much for them... I keep looking out for programmes for dorothy... and its been a challenge...We are rich corinne because of those spiritual experiences, we were very open, flexible and at times even blind....i look at it with gratitude now, thanks corinne and its a joy to connect with you..


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