June 1, 2015

My Gratitude list for today!

Youth group of St Anthoy's Mudfort secunderabad
I am enjoying my work in a very pleasant and a calm environment.
I read a couple of lovely blogs and I am inspired
I am grateful for the month of May that has just gone by
I am filled with gratitude for the last 5 months that has gone by

I am glad to take a phone call from one of old college friend; and through her connected with another friend, enjoyed long chats with them and it’s been a great feeling to re connect with them.

Feast Day ! Archbishop Arulappa seen in the centre
I found two messages on whatsapp of two more persons; who had left India and now found my contact through another friend and have got in touch with me. I am excited replying to them and staying in touch.

I can’t wait to meet a friend who has come down with his family holidaying and its many years since I met them. It’s a happy feeling to take my daughter with me to visit this family.

I found a couple of old photographs of my younger days; wherein I was so very active as youth in my parish and am grateful for those wonderful memories.. I am reliving them. 

As I look at the photograph I am happy to see some the friends who are alive; and it pains to see some of them are no more in this world; a few have migrated out of the country and some still are not traceable.

I am healthy, happy and able to do all that is needed  both at home and at work place
I have come back home safe, driving from my workplace, crossing the busy street
I am grateful & Happy at the end of this day !

Would love to hear your thoughts!

What are you grateful for ?


  1. Sounds like a lot to be grateful for, especially a lot of connections with friends. Good for you! :) Hope your June is as good or even better! ;) <3

    1. Thanks for being here ! I am always glad to connect with friends, and feel richer because of their presence in my life... I am hoping June to be relaxing, rejuvenating and healthier, thanks again for your comment, appreciate you.


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