May 3, 2015

21 Day Challenge ! DAY 3

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN 21 Day Challenge  
1 May -   21 May, 2015

Reading the above quote, led me to two very important questions:
What are the moments that make me alive?
What are the treasures I am conscious of?

I feel it is the gratitude moments of my life that makes me come alive, leading me to be conscious of my treasures.  Out of so many moments in my life, I would like to remember today my parents with love and gratitude as I read this quote and would like to treasure those moments.

Some of those beautiful moments are; the love that I experienced from my parents, the sacrifices they have made to enable me to get education; providing me with basic necessities of life and above all giving everything to make my life happy and comfortable without expecting anything in return.

Even today some moments come alive in my life as I journey along, reminding me of all that I learnt from them while they were on this earth. The faith in God; the need to trust in Gods providence, to pray at all times, to be generous in sharing, to be cheerful and helpful to whoever we meet in life, and to be always conscious that our lives here on earth is not permanent and we are all here for a specific purpose.

There were some very special moments; when my mom used to carry a huge lunch box for us in the afternoon and come to our school to feed us and then return home…. We were nine children, and all of us were put in the convent school run by the sisters of charity.

My mom remembered every child’s birthday; and birthdays were special moment of our lives, we had celebrations throughout the year for every child. My dad was the only earning member and with the little salary mother managed our home and even gave us good nutritious food. She knew the favorite food of every child and on our birthdays our favorite curry was made, and the breakfast was always special. New clothes were brought in advance, mostly from sales and discounts to keep within the budget.

There were also moments when I used to get fever, unbearable stomach pain and a couple of times fractured my leg while learning to drive… my mother was always there for me giving me strength, courage and confidence. There are too many moments to share with gratitude, but I stop here, thanking God for the gift of my parents and all that they did for me…. Now I do it for my daughter and those who are close to me in life…

“Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind”. 
Lionel Hampton.

Be Blessed & Be Happy !

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