May 2, 2015

21 Day Challenge ! DAY 2

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN 21 Day Challenge  
1 May -   21 May, 2015


I am glad to  repost  this  post that I wrote earlier, which goes  very well by this quotation.

I was wondering, and asking myself what is Gratitude? is it only saying thanks to those who do something good to us, or offer us something, without being asked to do so. Or is it beyond that, I began  to explore a little more on what gratitude is all about.

Gratitude is not just saying thanks, thanks is such a common word, and is used so often, some times it comes as a auto response, without even thinking, but gratitude is more than thanks,  it is utilizing our resources and sharing it for the good of all.

 God has blessed us with so much of talents and capacities and the purpose is to not only use it for ourselves but for the good of others.

Gratitude means being responsible specially when we earn or  receive monetary help, the money we get must be used in a responsible way, sense of gratitude enables us to use money prudently for the good of oneself and good of all.

Gratitude is being sensitive to the needs of those around us, to reach out to them in times of crisis or problems.  I am blessed to have so many people around me, who have been kind and are always with me, some of them go out of their way to help me out, especially in the last few months, my gratitude list is full, and short up – all those who have been visiting us regularly, comforting our family, for the doctors, physiotherapist and friends who in different ways have helped me to cope through this situation.

Lastly I feel gratitude must lead us into action, and reach out to those who need us. We do not have to go very far, we can see it around us. For me I have a list to reach out, some of them are:

  • Phone call to a lonely senior citizen who waits for some one to talk,
  • Few minutes of listening to a youth who is confused and requires some guidance,
  • Domestic worker, who requires help to fill up an application loan form to start a small business
  • A note of thanks to a friend, who has been thoughtful
  • A word of appreciation to the auto driver for bringing my daughter safely every day from school.
  • Visiting  a sick person
  • Praying for the sponsorer who supports  my daughter for education

I keep updating my list, and I find there is so much we can do, sometimes even without stepping out of our home.

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

-Albert Schweitzer

 Have a grateful day !


  1. Nice post!!
    "At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person" like it

  2. Thanks Shail for stopping by and thanks for your comments.

  3. I am grateful for having read this post, reminding me to always be more grateful for little things that we take for granted everyday.
    Thank you for such a nice post.

  4. Thanks Punam, i am motivated to write, feel good to hear you liked, thanks again

  5. I also loved this post and the quotes thank you Genevive ...

    1. Nice to connect with you susan, even after the challenge, thanks, glad you loved this post.

  6. Love the quote and your post. Keeping a list is a very good idea. I may adopt your idea. I'm not up to speed about the 21 day thing though. Continuing to visit a-z folks

    1. Thanks sandy for stopping by;happy to know that you liked the list idea.. I too have a lot of blogs to visit of a-z challenge... it will take some time.


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