May 1, 2015

21 Day Challenge ! DAY 1

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN 21 Day Challenge  
1 May -   21 May, 2015


Today is the first day of the month of May 2015.  I am glad to participate in this 21 Day Gratitude challenge at Everyday GyaanI am making this choice deliberately as I want to train my mind and discipline myself to live in gratitude for the rest of my life.

I have learnt from my past experience that whenever I focused on the positive aspects of my life; I have always been happy and whenever I tried to look at all those things that I don’t have in my life, I became unhappy.  Years ago I made a decision to myself that I will always be happy in all circumstances and have tried my best to remain committed to this decision.

My participation in this challenge is to strengthen my commitment to remain happy and grateful so that I am productive in everything I do in my life. Today I want to be grateful for the gift of my husband Anthony David, yesterday was his birthday – I could not make a post; as I was completing the April challenge A-Z challenge of 2015.

So I am writing a few lines to express what I feel about him today with a sense of gratitude in my heart. We have been married for 15 years now and being an arrange marriage it took time for us to adjust and understand one another… I confess we have not been an ideal or  “ perfect couple”  and it’s not been easy and there were a lot of problems, and through the years, we have learnt the hard way to love, accept, forgive and respect each other despite all issues.

Today when I look at where I am in terms of my education and career, I am happy to be working in a counseling centre, doing what brings me meaning and fulfilment. I owe a lot to David who has always been my support, especially to continue my education. While I meet so many women who do not get that support once they are married, the focus is all on managing household work and taking care of children.  I am lucky to have a companion who helped me to complete two post graduate programmes, and with his encouragement and cooperation I took every opportunity that came my way in training and building my capacity.

 He always stood by me when I needed him the most; and in all the decisions I took for my career, there was enough space and freedom for me to choose what I wanted. Together we faced every crisis be it the loss of my son, financial issues, and other relationship issues in family. 

Today I am grateful for the gift of David to me and our family for his prayerfulness, commitment to family, to our local church community, for his generosity and helpfulness to reach out to those who are in need, for his openness to  learn, and to partner in all the work at home. We are grateful for our friends who came in to celebrate his birthday yesterday bringing lots of love and joy to you.

“Appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had”

Love the quote for this challenge…. walk as if you are  kissing the Earth with my feet…


  1. Belated birthday greetings to David, Janet and thank God for the blessing he is in your life! I hope he has read this! ;)

    1. Thanks Corinne, I shall pass on your greetings to him... I waiting to see his reactions, kept this as a surprise... he is not very regular in checking... but when he and fruity occupy the system....there is no place for me...

  2. Tere pyaar ne mera shabdo ko katam kardiya meri jaan, thanks you


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