May 4, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 4

I am participating in  EVERYDAY GYAAN 
 21 Day Challenge
May 1-21, 2015


I have never heard this quote, but there is so much truth in these lines. It is so easy to dwell on the past and be unhappy about all those things that went wrong and in the process make our lives miserable. I believe that everything works for Good for those who trust in the Lord. ..Rom 8:28 from the Bible.

It’s always been my favourite verse and when ever things went wrong, I recall these words to see how much good has happened in my life because of these negative experiences. These negative experiences comes wrapped as a blessings, altering my perceptions of everything in life, mainly letting go of a few relationships that was spreading a lot of toxic in my family.  

Then it becomes easier to focus on the present; and value the current blessings in life. I am learning to make it my daily habit to sleep with gratitude and rise with gratitude, despite all circumstances. The most important thing is to reflect about the present is to value our breath. 

The current problem that I deal almost every other day among the students is negative thinking, which they have allowed creeping in and now this thinking has taken permanent resident in their minds causing havoc in their lives. Now this becomes a major problem; and these students find difficult to reflect upon the present blessings, however hard they try – they struggle a lot to reframe even one single negative thought. 

So most of the time they are looking at the misfortunes of their lives, comparing themselves with their roommates, class mates and allowing the mind to keep wandering into the past.

Then it becomes necessary to help them begin in a small way to start appreciating something simple and which can be practiced. The easiest thing to begin is to teach students is to focus and appreciate “Breath” I emphasis breath because, breath is the only reality that keeps reminding me that I am alive today.

Breathing effortlessly with no respiratory issues is my biggest and present blessing in life. I try and make deliberate decision to be grateful for my breath.   I encourage students to value breath and do teach them some deep breathing exercises; allowing them to do with a smile and with a grateful heart… gradually helping them in developing the art of staying in gratitude every day, and slowly keep adding on to all the other blessings wherein there may be a tendency to take everything for granted in life. 

I thank Corinne for this exercise of writing one post a day for 3 weeks; I am also enjoying the quotes that are truly inspiring.  Hoping that with this exercise I may develop the habit of staying in gratitude 24/7 and 365 days …

Be Happy & Be Grateful!

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