May 12, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 11

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN the 21 Day Challenge
May 1-21, 2015

Living in gratitude brings a calmness and quiet joy; when we practice gratitude, the focus is only on the good and the positive. Focusing on the positive aspects gives us inner strength and builds confidence, where as focusing on the negative saps our energy and destroys our self confidence.

I agree with this quote, as I continue to live a life of gratitude there is a sense of calmness and quiet joy and adding this is also a peaceful sleep. Staying in gratitude is the surest way to be happy and gratitude also diffuses a lot of psychological problems like fear, anxiety, and inability to concentrate, tension and worry.

Studies show that grateful people are less prone for anxiety and depression. Those who showed appreciation to what they had in their life were happier and confident; these people did not compare themselves with others, but were very optimistic in counting their own blessings; Gratitude keeps us healthy and generates a lot of enthusiasm and positive influence where ever we are. Gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things we can express with each other.

Make gratitude a way of life and you will never regret! Be assured of health, peace  and harmony!


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