May 11, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 10

I am participating in  EVRYDAY GYAAN the 21 Day Challenge
May 1-21, 2015
One of the important consequences of being in gratitude is that the more grateful you are.. the more present you become… as said in the above quote.  Gratitude helps us to remain in the present moment, which helps us to be productive and successful.  As most of the times – we dwell in the past, thinking about the past experiences, and some times if it’s a negative experiences, we allow our mind to keep repeating the same experience – which actually blocks us from living in the present fully.

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What we need to understand is that “past is gone”…. As Louise Hay says the past cannot be undone, no matter what we do, we can never drive in the reverse gear…hence what is important is the present… and when we learn to use the present moment intentionally wanting to do good and creating something positive, we will do ourselves a lot of good. 

As every thought we think is creating our future; the choice is ours; do we want to be grateful and live in the now ? or do we want to hold on to past and cry about what cannot be changed ? I like this saying “Do not dwell on those who let you down; but dwell on those who hold you up”

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Today once again I release all the past experiences of  hurt;I forgive and release all those persons who exploited me; I let go of all those who pretend to be my well wishers, but actually they are not…… I release them from my life in  peace… .. for  “I am not responsible for other people. We are all under the law of our own consciousness”.. Louise Hay

Be Happy ! Enjoy the Present moment !

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  1. Lovely to read this Genevive thank you. We need reminding ...

    1. Thanks Susan, its so nice to hear from you, appreciate you for your comment


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