May 13, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 12

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN the 21 Day Challenge
May 1-21, 2015

Have you every noticed Happy People?  Their face glows – like a 1000 watt bulb shining and there is no need for any make up, the secret is gratitude; these people practice gratitude, they take time to recharge their batteries ie. Spend time and enjoy their own company. They create quiet moments to get in touch with themselves; appreciating, affirming, thanking, reflecting, , listening and surrendering their lives to the Divine

They are full of enthusiasm and high energy, they spread happiness, joy and brighten the environment as they keep going; they carry the positive energy around them, there is a beautiful aura surrounding them and the whole atmosphere gets charged and they retain the energy till the end of the day.

“Living one day at a time”, they do not carry the broken pieces of their lives into the next day – they live moment by moment enjoying everything that life offers, content and satisfied hoping that tomorrow will take care of itself…
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The one person that comes to my mind is mother Theresa who with her cheerful disposition and grateful attitude reached out to the poor.


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