December 27, 2014

Gratitude for the month!!

This post was written for the Gratitude Circle; now that the decision is made to make a post on December 31st, 2014… I felt it would be appropriate, if I can do another post for the last day of 2014, which would be a review of the year, my experiences & learning’s and the way I plan to move on in my life… of course with gratitude and commitment finding myself in a new way in this journey and also taking inspiration from the gratitude circle..

I am grateful to have a new neighbor, who is simple, genuine and much focused in her work. She has also become my walking buddy!  Every day we walk together in the early hours for an hour; praying together, praying for one another, encouraging and motivating one another to keep up the time for walking. We also share a cup of coffee, it’s a blessing to have a good neighbor who shares your values; and who is also very positive in her approach.

Also thankful for my colleague and friends who are truly a blessing; they discuss and bring the best in me in all the academic related activities, interacting with them, gaining knowledge and skill to progress academically.

Glad for them in my life for they  inspire me to do some research oriented presentations, which I am learning to enjoy exploring new ways to do more such stimulating presentations. It’s because of them I was able to evolve a paper on Mental Health among high school students at IASE – Institute of Advance Study Education, Osmania University.

I pushed myself to present a theoretical paper on Mental Health and Well Being in school, with a focus on High school children, it was inspiring and a learning experience for me….I am happy to do everything I am interested and want to; thus eliminating all those aspects and persons who drain my energy….

Back home – am glad for my husband who is ever supportive in all that I do, observing my interest he installed the internet connection, so that I do not have to struggle to go out at the internet centre for browsing, posting. Now I can even complete important official reports from home.  I was feeling sick for few days because of the change in weather (cold & cough); had to compel myself to rest; David ended up doing all the work at home, which is truly a blessing to have a husband who is caring and very good at handling the kitchen.

My daughter is a blessing and is very good at the internet, and helps me if I have any issues of the computer. I am also thankful to God for the courage he has given my daughter to learn to ride on her own; it was very surprising now that she is tall and can touch the ground sitting on my bike – within two weeks she mastered the art of driving, I was wondering whom to contact to help her teach riding, as I was not confident in teaching her to ride… now I go to pick her up from the bus stop on the bike, and she rides home back, while I walk behind her. (She is not yet 18 and I don’t want her to ride on the busy road)

I am at home for Christmas; with my family, which was a quiet one, having a few family friends home, and then meeting a few of my daughter’s friends late in the evening. 

Merry Christmas !!!

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