December 20, 2014

My Reflection of Christmas!!

Christmas has definitely taken a new meaning for me this year, I am beginning to understand that real joy comes from
·         Being authentic and genuine to oneself and others;  
Sharing not only what one has in terms of gifts and money
But also sharing of time
Being generous in sharing knowledge and skills to those who need the most;
Letting go of the negative experiences in the past;
Being grateful for the present blessings
Enjoying the present moments,
Being kind, compassionate
Forgiving (even though it is difficult to forget)
Spreading peace and harmony in my own dwelling and around me. 
·         In a way just de cluttering my mind and my house in order to be fresh and free as I walk in gratitude my journey in the coming year 2015.

As a family we are also happy, for helping my mother in law to live on her own; she always wanted her space, to cook on her own, to have her children coming in to see her and grandchildren to spend time with her….. . I appreciate David my husband for fulfilling her wish in the last part of her journey…….. though I could not help my mom to have a space of her own, which she desperately desired and died heartbroken, I take comfort by helping  David’s mom to create a space of her own. 

It makes me happy to see David in and out of his mother’s house; ensuring that she is comfortable, and has her meals on time, cooking her favourite dishes and offering her full support and at the same time also helping me at home with all the household work.

The message of Christmas is clear “Peace and Good will to all “. I gently detoxify myself of all thoughts, people and relationships, events & negative situations that are interfering in my life, and move on and live a life full of meaning and purpose.

I refill myself with love, peace and harmony in this season to begin a new by reframing my thoughts, beliefs and the way I see everything around me, in order to be and become what I am meant to be here on earth.

2014 is a quiet Christmas, with absolutely no stress /pressure to clean, decorate, make sweets out of compulsion, shop mindlessly, buy cards, pushing myself to do all those things because I have to do. I love the way Corinne displayed the quote “Christmas is a State of mind” how true! I agree with this definition, and would like to celebrate Christmas every day with having the right state of mind, which is positive, and being kind, compassionate and generous right through the year, rather than waiting for Christmas.

May you have a meaningful Christmas too!
Be Happy & Be Blessed!!


Note: I am grateful for the images and quotes of authors who have created ....


  1. Yes! Christmas is a state of mind that we can experience all year long if we choose to....and now is as good a time to start as any. Merry Christmas G Angela!

    1. Thanks kathy ! nice to connect and appreciate you for sharing beautiful thoughts...


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