December 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Emmanuel!

Emmanuel dancing at a function
8 December, 2014 is Emmanuel’s birthday.  Mario Emmanuel my son who is no more would have been 11 years old.  This year I chose to celebrate happily as I moved on in life; and seen greater problems at the counseling centre; which has made my sorrow small. 

I have also been practising gratitude regularly making it a 24 /7 habit and now in the process of mastering the art; I recommend every student who come to our centre to practice gratitude. The magic in practising gratitude is that; it raises our energy and keeps us all the time happy in life; and it also impacts everything we do in our lives. 
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I write this post with a lot of gratitude and feel quite honoured for having had my son with me for seven years… 

I thank God for privilege he had given me to be his mom and helped me and my family experience his presence; truly I can say with faith that “EMMANUEL” was with us, an experience of God himself lighting up our lives; sharing love, joy, peace & happiness … his needs were so simple, his laughter so infectious, his smile so sweet, his language was a kiss, a hug, a warm embrace….. So human and energy so high transforming all of us from within.

So this year on his birthday we chose to cut a cake; and share what we had with the less privileged children, visited his grave, spent quiet time in prayer and surrounded ourselves with fellowship meal and thanksgiving ….

Be Blessed & Be Happy 


  1. Your post brought tears, Genevive. I admire you for your strength. I am sure Emmannuel is smiling at you. God bless you. You have such a wonderful attitude. May you always enjoy peace and happiness

    1. Thanks vidya for your kind words..... you are truly an inspiration... learning so much from reading your blog, whenever possible. Appreciate you for your large heart, and all the knowledge you share freely with bloggers .. thanks again !!


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