December 2, 2014

Giving Tuesday !!

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Today I woke up with the thought of “GIVING” while I believe we must always be ready to give and share what we have with those around us; we are blessed enough so that we give and share with others all our blessings.

Today I made a deliberate decision to join in with the global day of giving; I made of list of all that I can give for the whole day as an individual:

I sorted out my daughters clothes which are in good condition and can be reused; and made bags to give away to persons who cannot afford to buy clothes.

I have not been using sarees and I have a cupboard full of them; which are not in use; I picked up a few and gave away to the lady who works in my office, thus brought a smile to her face…

I visited a patient today to let the patient know; how important he is and he deserves my attention.

I wrote an appreciation note to my colleague and surprised her with a small gift; and told her today is the day of giving…. Hence pass on this information to others.

I sent a comforting note on whatsapp to one of my friend who is un well and feeling low….and assured the family of my prayers.

End of the day, I decided to make a small post of giving and share it with everyone!!! I rest with gratitude singing St Francis of Assissi’s song….. Sending vibes of love, forgiveness and peace to all those who surround  me …..

May you be inspired!

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