November 27, 2014



Wishing all of you a very “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” !!

Gratitude has become a habit for me; I have learnt to be grateful for small little things; for the gift of breath, family, basic necessities, and the services that I take from various persons who make my life comfortable. I am also grateful for the bigger things; the work that I do at the university, the space that I enjoy at my counseling centre, the meaning that comes from meeting different kinds of students, the trust that they have in me; the leadership and the initiative that my head takes to bring in challenges in learning, the opportunities that I get because of the kind of work I do and for motivation and support that I get from my work place fills me a lot more of gratitude.

 I am also grateful for the affirmations I get from my loved ones and my friends; and for some very negative experiences that has helped me to sort myself out; thankful for these persons in my life for making me think, reflect, and make choices that helped me focus on the essentials of life.

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These negative experiences have altered my very lifestyle, giving me time to do the things that matter; if not for these experiences in my life, I would not have discovered a new skill of making research oriented academic presentations.  

In the last month I made a paper presentation on the importance of counseling women in Domestic Violence. Currently I am busy working on two more presentations one on proactive approach to Mental Health and well-being among high school students and another one on Domestic Violence and positive psychology. An attitude of gratitude has kept me going and a happy heart has always motivated me even in the worst situation of my life.

I am glad to be writing this gratitude post as I believe gratitude is a positive energy that not only energizes me, but always gives me a new perspective to deal with any issue, instilling confidence and courage! I feel blessed and rich to be surrounded by grateful persons and grateful bloggers. I thank all the bloggers (Corinne, Vidya, Kathy, Shilpa, .. to name a few) who have been a source of inspiration and strength to me. Living with gratitude is like having a song in my heart to enjoy the journey…. 

Be Blessed & Be Grateful !!

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  1. Hi G Angela! What a lovely tribute to gratitude. I so, so agree with everything you said. But I LOVED it when you said, "I believe gratitude is a positive energy that not only energizes me, but always gives me a new perspective to deal with any issue, instilling confidence and courage!" I'm looking forward to see how each of us share and spread the gratitude in the months to come. ~Kathy

    1. Thanks Kathy ! am happy you liked my post.. I hope to be connected in the coming months while sharing gratitude posts ..

  2. Hi Genevive! You are doing a remarkable work, touching and inspiring so many lives! I really appreciate and admire that your work is making a difference in young lives! Keep your light shining! And thanks for sharing my blog post! ♥

    1. Hi Shilpa - I am honoured to see your comment... I love your posts and your blog is so beautiful... am learning slowly, to get better with blog... thanks for our compliment.


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