November 22, 2014

World Kindness Day

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This post was inspired by two wonderful women bloggers Corinne Rodgrigues and Vidya Sury, who are extremely inspiring and motivated in blogging. These two bloggers spreading the goodness with their initiatives,thoughts, challenge and leadership. Thank you ladies, for keeping us informed about this day; which led me to do this post.

I heard “Kindness is the rent that you pay for occupying the space on this earth” author unknown. I always believed in kindness, and tried my best to practice kindness in my daily life, be it at home, or workplace or any opportunity that I find, I made sure to do my bit.

I also value all those persons in my life who have very kind to me, in terms of sharing their knowledge, resources, at times even money, time and ensured to make my life a little more happy, comfortable and meaningful…. So I made a decision to give all that I can to bring in a smile, a kind word, a hug and my time, energy and resources to bring laughter and joy around.

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I had an experience last week wherein I went to the petrol pump to fill in petrol in my bike and I paid Rs 500/-  as I had no change of RS 100/-  and I forgot to take the change and in a hurry rode home to continue my daily schedule. 

I wanted to give some change for my daughter; and suddenly I found there was no money… .. I sat down and emptied my bad, looking for Rs 400 the balance that is supposed to be there. After an hour I remembered about the petrol and realized that I have forgotten to take the change… the next day was Sunday.. .. so I waited for Monday and went to the petrol bunk and told the supervisor about my mistake of having forgotten to take the change.  The supervisor asked me to wait for a while, checked with me which row I filled, in order to track the person who was filling, and then helped me to get back the change of Rs 400. 

I was so happy at the kindness shown to me by all the workers there; it only reinforced my belief and desire to be kind in my life.

Be Kind &Be Happy !


  1. There are still many people who don't fail to express themselves with kindness. You've been really lucky to come across a kind supervisor who took the trouble to return your money. This was a short and sweet post for World kindness day.

    1. Thanks Diana, nice to hear from you; as you say I am really lucky to get back the money; also I find this particular place very customer friendly; they offer water to customers; give chocolates to small kids when they notice and they also play some very melodious instrumental music of hindi songs and its a pleasure to be there ....


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