November 11, 2014

World Pneumonia Day

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Today November 12, 2014 is World Pneumonia Day ….

Pneumonia remains the world’s leading killer of children under 5 years, while pneumonia affects children in every country around the world. There are 45 million pneumonia cases among children under five years of age in India every year.  Out which 20% of these children die every year. Despite this being the sixth year of the awareness campaign, it is found that only 60% of the public seek medical advice for children.

The symptoms of Pneumonia are breathing difficulty, severe cough and fever; the warning signs include grunting noises, difficulty in speech, bluish color of tongue and nails and extreme cold in the peripheries of the toes and fingers. Over 7 lakh senior citizens also suffer annually and 3.5 lakhs deaths are reported every year.

What makes it a global burden a unique tragedy is the fact that this disease is preventable and curable. There are vaccines available and getting the children vaccinated is the best method of prevention.  The awareness programmes globally stresses the need for government and health care systems to act on behalf of children and ensure that all the children have access to vaccination.

Let us spread awareness by promoting safe drinking water, sanitation and reducing pollution both indoors and outdoors. For more information continue to read the :Join the Global Coalition against Child Pneumonia. 

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Spread this message to prevent children from dying ….

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  1. That is a very informative post. I had no clue that such a vast population suffer and die of curable disease pneumonia! Thanks for the information!

  2. Its my pleasure dear.. a lot of kids below 5 die of this disease, my 7 year old son was a victim of pneumonia.....


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