December 28, 2014


A card for myself 
Today I woke up with Gratitude in my heart; it’s a day reminding me of the day I was born…. Bringing memories to let me know how adorable and lovable I am.

Thanking my mom who always remembered and made me feel special, she has celebrated every birthday of mine; getting new clothes for me; preparing my favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner, entertaining my friends; storing jasmines for me in the fridge and reminding me constantly not to forget to put it on my hair; ensured that I had matching bangles to match the color of my frock; blessing me and keeping me happy.

She had a good memory and would even come home after I got married; and had my own kids, she was still there for my birthdays… today I know she is praying for me and smiling from above, as I pick up a new dress, wear the matching earings, bangles, clip my hair with a colorful band and look at myself in the mirror smiling with gratitude and walk towards the church, thanking the Lord for all that He has done in my life; I lift up my heart and soul in thanksgiving to begin my day.

My father used to offer mass for me on my birthday and pray for my wellbeing, I feel thankful for the gift of faith which I got it from him, my dad taught me to trust in the Lord at all times; and encouraged me to read the bible and was proud of my involvement in the activities of the church.

Today there are so many persons who has been a great source of strength in my life; and I would not have reached where I am today without the  help of all these lovely relationships at different stages of my life… and I continue to make new relationships as I keep moving on in gratitude…

To all the beautiful people out there … my family, friends, colleagues, teachers, spiritual guides, guruji’s, authors and every person whom I have met in the last 50 years - thanks for accompanying me in my life’s journey.

I appreciate you for enabling me find myself, thank you for all the learning’s, inspiration and motivation you have provided me and still continue to affirm me right through the year…. am happy and full of joy… wanting to share everything I am blessed with.

I recommit myself to the Lord; Love and Accept myself and continue my journey with renewed strength to keep discovering the meaning and the purpose of my life…. Making a difference where ever I am..

Thank you!! Be Happy!!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a special day and with many joys ahead for the new year!

  2. Hi Nicole !! welcome to my blog and thank you for your wishes, i did have a great day with my loved ones's. Thanks again ...


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