December 31, 2014

Good Bye 2014 & Welcoming 2015

I would like to say good bye with gratitude for some very special and memorable times. I some of the things that I wanted for 2014 were:
  • Take on to traveling within the city and within the state as much as possible
  • Bonding with family
  • Saying goodbye people and situations that influences me negatively
  • Connect with some very lovable relationships that I have lost touch with
  • Be academically sound, at least present one research paper
  • Have some fun accepting everything in life; as it unfolds naturally finding happiness, joy and meaning with thanksgiving and gratitude….

 THANK YOU 2014 –Highlights of my life

Enthusiastic month - with the dawn of New Year, scheduled the first travel within the state to Medak, 90kms from Hyderabad, enjoyed visiting the famous and biggest church in the state as well as in Asia, also went around two villages, breathing in fresh air and enjoying a nutritious and delicious food.
nearby village
Medak Church
Friends place
February – shortest month got busy at work & trained in Supportive Supervision for Global funding programme for AIDS TB & Malaria (GFATM Round 7).Also was winding up a pilot programme on Violence Against women wherein I was part of the implementing programme through YWCA (Young Women Christian Association – Secunderabad).

My workload was recognized and an additional person was added to the Psychological Counseling centre, which was a positive experience for me; as I had another person with me to share counseling concerns and also to distress myself when I clientele load was high.
Grand finale of the pilot programme
Final exams for my daughter; and she was down with chicken pox; and despite all the issues of notes, and gap in the class room learning, she managed to do her exams well and did not have any issue with attendance, as she was regular to school throughout the year.

April – exciting month for blogging – I participate in the A-Z Blogging connected with a variety of bloggers, a lot of interactions, learning and enthusiasm in blogging.. Traveled to pune to connect with some of our relatives, a time of fun, recalling and reliving memorable events of the past, enjoying good food, visiting all the loved ones….. back home celebrating Easter

Aghakhan palace at Pune
May – Attended a wedding party at Novatel, Vizag, took opportunity to visit the city and also take a break at Borra Caves and Aaraku valley ….  There was also 10 days Vacation Bible School for my daughter followed by another 7days summer camp at Sacred Space at Secunderabad

Vizag city
June – We got back to academics, school reopens for my daughter, me busy with my regular work at the University and David’s scheduled visit to the Vipassana meditation centre at Hyderabad beyond city limits. Attended refresher training programmes at my work place…

July – we got involved in family events and celebrations, I had supervision visits – meeting the deadlines at office; and also a city tour with the David’s prayer group, wherein we went around the city for a full day and had some fun with jolly rides.. it was enjoyable..

Charminar at Hyderabad

Nehru Zoological park
August – there were too many activities at my workplace, a workshop on cross cultural issues in counseling was organized, and it was very inspiring; there was also a book launch on social psychology by prof. E G Parmeshwaran, a renowned author; and there was also a travel for David to Vijayawada for a death anniversary of his relative; and back again preparation for my daughter’s birthday in the coming month..  
Dream valley resort .. enjoyed swimming here

Lunch at Dream valley resort with friends
September – my daughter’s birthday, a very special day for us, also celebration of mother Mary’s feast, a challenging month as I got an invite and opportunity to attend a “National Workshop on Counseling Initiatives and Recent Trends in varied settings”  First time I attempted to  make a paper presentation on Counseling women in violence, and it was great learning experience…

Maria's Birthday with nathu & tabu - my nephew sunny's kids
October  - it was a holiday time for my daughter… so time for a break, chose to move around the places in our city; and were happy to spend time at Shilparaman..  went out for lunch at Hyderabad house for the traditional biryani.

wedding anniversary dinner

Shilparaman - tribal set up
November – stressful period in the family, death of my brother in law who passed away after being sick for a long time, leaving two small kids. David was kind and generous to help this family, in helping them not only cope with the loss, but also offering moral support to them on one side, and enabling his mom to find a space for herself; as it was her choice to live on her own……

December – season of hope, joy and celebrations of Christmas that brings in cheer and good news, and motivates me to celebrate my birthday with gratitude….another opportunity to attend a National workshop on mental health & well being in schools.  I was happy to present another paper on A Proactive approach to Mental Health & Well Being, Focus on High School Students. I just desired to do one paper this year, and I ended up doing two…. feeling confident to do more such meaningful exercises. 

Christmas 2014
Throughout the year, David gets busy with organizing prayer meeting in the parish, once a month, every 4th Sunday – preparing for the day, practicing hymns with children, getting them ready for mass, and last year he was also invited to sing at a music channel (SubhSandesh), newly introduced for Hindi speaking - melodious songs in Hindi were composed with the help of Mr Francis who is very good in playing all the instruments..

We also said goodbye to a few relationships that were toxic, in order to protect ourselves from being manipulated; we are grateful for some very bad experiences within the extended family circle, as it made our eyes open to certain realities of life, which otherwise would not have come to the surface… yet at the same time giving ourselves the permission to feel the anger, pain, resentment and letting go all the negative experiences, in order to forgive. (may not be easy to forget).

free images from google
We have no ill feelings towards those who have harmed us and attempted to break our family… we in fact thank them for helping us to see our contribution (wherein we have allowed and blindly trusted, person to take advantage of us).

Now we take responsibility in learning and moving on to focus on what really matters in our life for us as individuals and also as a family. We are glad that despite the storms we are together nurturing one another’s goal, supporting and standby each other to deal with every crisis in the family, and leaving all toxic behind to start the fresh New Year 2015... no fixed agenda… but just doing what we love to…. hoping to travel more.. have more Friends and Fun…, enjoy holidays… do our best in whatever we undertake, academics… career and take life as it comes… staying positive and grateful all through….

Happy New Year 2015!!

May you be Happy & May you be blessed

Thank Diana for choosing me for  the interview at womensweb…

There is so much more..... and too many photographs still for sharing...  tried to put it sequence ..  I do not want to make this post too long, all I want to convey is my gratitude for 2014 for everything .... and welcoming 2015 !!!
Love to all !!


  1. Hi G Angela! What an amazing year you have had. And it looks like your surpassed all your intentions and MORE. Congratulations on your two papers and letting go of toxic relationship especially. May 2015 be even more wonderful in every way. ~Kathy

    1. Thanks Kathy, there is so much to be thankful for, I just picked up moments that were the highlights.... and at the end of the post; i felt so rich and blessed.. thank you for inspiring me.... your posts have been very motivating; appreciate you for sharing ...Have a great 2015 ahead !!!

  2. You had a wonderful year and so much to be thankful for even the loss of your brother in law must make you cherish everything even more especially what he enjoyed. Glad you got rid of the negative people. They can be toxic to one's health. Love the pictures you showed. I am a credit Counsellor so I wonder how much you see where money is an issue for women and people in general regarding credit.

    1. Thank you for your kind words... as a women I feel money becomes an issue when we spend more than we earn.... otherwise I would prefer to manage within what is earned.... the challenge comes; when you have a spouse who thinks differently about money... then its hard work to ensure that you discuss and evolve a balance without being too extravagant nor being too stingy...

  3. What a beautiful round up of a full and fulfilling year. Enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your photos. All the best for 2015.

    1. Thanks Kalpanaa, glad to know that you liked my post, wish you a great year too 2015 !!


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