May 19, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day 2014 !

I have been thinking of my mom in the last two weeks, and attempting to do a post on mother’s day. I was not able to make it, as we scheduled a family trip to Vizag to attend a wedding and took opportunity to go for sightseeing. So I came back refreshed now to get connected and write a small post for my mom who has been my great support and strength for my life.

Me & My Mom at velankanni shrine, Tamil nadu

What I really love about my mother is that she was ever willing to explore – whether it’s trying a new recipe or watching a new movie, visiting a place, getting to know people.  She was very interested in meeting people, interacting with them, and sharing lighter moments, recalling old times stories, that kept her going and interested in life.

She was an amazing lady who never got tired of working in the kitchen, and loved to cook and serve.  My friends and relatives still talk about her special skill of getting the meals ready in no time, making snacks within few minutes and entertaining guests.

Every time I think of my mother, I am filled with gratitude for all that she was! And all that she did for the family…. Unfortunate that she left us early without wanting to cause any inconvenience to any of her children. She always said that she would like to leave peacefully, and never wanted to be bedridden, and so it was.

The final visit of my mom at my residence, myself pregnant & my daughter is seen here

She was very proud of me, and spoke of me with great pride with whoever came her way. Today she would have loved to hear the kind of work I am involved with, and would have marvelled looking at my daughter grown up …

Mother’s day always brings in beautiful moments of my life with my mother, and at the same time also gives me a lot of pain to believe that she is no more … I miss her the most when I am unwell, as those are the moments I feel her absence, for she was ever ready to serve – bringing hot cup of tea, with bread and ensuring that I have enough rest. 

The last time she visited me was, when I was pregnant with my second child, she came to wish for  my daughter's birthday on 7th September, 2003.  She looked so happy and assured me that all will be well and she will  stay with me in the hospital for my delivery. 

The next time I saw her was in the hospital, wherein I went to wish her for her birthday. The final good bye was on November 1st 2003. Since then everything is still so fresh to the mind, and I am grateful to God for bringing her in my life.

Thanks Amma! Remember you with love!  YOU are best! And there can never be another YOU!

May your soul rest in peace!

Happy mother’s Day to you dear Mothers! And to all my friends who are mothers!



  1. There is definetely no other like a mother.. a big hug to u!

    1. Thanks meena ! so true, appreciate your comment !

  2. That was a love-filled tribute from a daughter! Hugs.


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