May 27, 2014

Poona Darshan

I declared to myself that 2014 is a year of travelling for me, connecting with extended family members and friends living out of Hyderabad. Focusing to spend more time helping my daughter with her studies, learning to blog better, reducing my time on the face book and listening to my heart.
Tilak's measum

Poona has always been a favourite place to visit.  As I have some very special memories at this place. I loved visiting Poona, mainly because of relatives who loving, affectionate and caring. My earlier visits as child at Ghorpuri bazaar (where my uncle stayed), Ram wadi, Moses wadi is the entire place where my cousin was married and settled.

me &my daughter maria at the historic site
Relatives of Poona for me have always been popular in our family for their hospitality, welcoming nature and can making anyone feel at home. 

 I have not forgotten my visit to the MG Road, Fashion Street, Empress Garden and the cathedral during my stay.

I have even visited a theatre year ago in one of my holiday trips with my mum, my sisters and brothers. 

I remember relishing the doklas, Poha  and a variety of curries which my aunt made in Maharashtrian style.

Balgangadhar Tilak model at the measum

I was so happy when I got an opportunity to do a short Bible course in Poona for 6 months, and what a treat! I just enjoyed my stay, while every weekend I had my uncle coming and waiting for me to take me home and treat me like a queen.
Aghakhan palace

Now I revisited after many years with my husband and daughter and had a great time.  The first thing we did as a family was to connect with our relatives and it was a joy to meet and interact and spend time, catching up all that has happened in between the last few years that I lost contact. I also felt the absence of my cousin sister who died a year ago, and an aunt who passed away this year.

After which we spent time sightseeing, as my daughter was visiting this place for the first time.

I made sure that we go around, and it was quite an interesting. We took the Poona Darshan, which takes us around the city for one full day, showing all the important, historic and significant places at Poona.  

me, Dorothy & David at Aghakhan palace 
The Poona Darshan begins at 9 a.m in the morning from the bus station (moledina stand) and returns by 5p.m.  He covers 15 – 18 places in the day with a break for lunch in between.

The charges are Rs 300 per head, there is a guide in the bus who speaks Hindi and Marathi and checks on the time, as we move from place to place. 

The places we visited were as follows: Shaniwar wada, Aghakhan palace, Kelkar Measum, Rajiv Gandhi Zoo Park, Japanese garden, tribal measum, Parvathi Mandir, and few more significant places.

We had a great time and it was definitely a refreshing break from the routine: I am glad for this time of togetherness and am happy to have reconnected with pune, a city that I loved and still love for having created memories !!!

Tribal Measum at Pune

historic temple at pune

A Ride at the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

At the Zoo

Beautiful Garden

Salman khan's movie Body Guard was shot here at this garden

Entrance of the Friendship Garden
colourful fishes at this garden ! a joy to the sight
“ Travel brings love and power back into your life “ Rumi

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