September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Dorothy

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This is my seventh post

I could not post yesterday, as there was a problem with the net connection. We had  a total bandh in Hyderabad yesterday, I found  it very difficult to post from the  internet centre, after making  3 -4 attempts last evening, there was some technical problem with the net connection, I was not able to post.  So I am posting this today.

 7 September is an important date for me. It’s a birthday of my daughter Maria Dorothy.  I am happy to talk about my daughter who will complete 12 and enter into 13th year.  This day doubles my joy, as it is also the last day for the challenge, and I am so happy to have been a part of this group.

I tried to visit a few bloggers, and it was such a meaningful experience for me to learn, understand and grow a little more. I want to thank each and every blogger who has been part of this seven day challenge, and I would want to read your posts.

I hope to bring some changes in myself, as I have not been a regular writer.  I love to share my experiences at this place and also would like to hear and learn from you.

I thank in a very special way  Corinne who has been my motivation for this challenge, and am grateful to all those who have been kind and commented on my posts.  I specially thank Shilpa, sridevi, Roshini, Diana, Vishal, Suresh, Vidya, Ruchi, Suzy, Karan and sorry if I have left any of you who have commented on my post, appreciate you all for  inspiring me.

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Today being my daughter’s 12th birthday, I am all excited, as she is celebrating at home with family and friends.  I am grateful to God for the wonderful gift of her in my life, after the loss of my son; she has been my strength and support. It is because of her in my life; I was and am still able to cope with the loss of my son.

Today I wish her a very happy birthday, and pray for Gods abundant blessings on her!

With love & gratitude



  1. Happy Birthday to your doll, Angela.

    Many wishes to you and I hope to see more of your writing too.

    See you around :)

  2. Thanks dear, so kind of you... am glad to have found you here and I too hope to be in touch with all of you ! appreciate you for your comments !!


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