October 3, 2013

A Special Tribute to My Nephew Sunny

Sunny with mom & my sister
I recall a very special day in my life, when a little child entered our large family. It was such a joy to have a little baby boy among the grownups in the family. 

Everyone enjoyed pampering the little child, there was so much excitement, and everyone wanted to carry the child, and play with him.  

The boy was small, very cute, thin and had black eyes with wavy hair.  Every one took turns to carry him, sing for him and soon he was the centre of the family.

Children are a blessing, and so was this child that attracted the whole family to himself. 

Sunny with grandmother
Everyone was involved with him in small ways, and with great joy, he was named as Sunny Emmanuel. 

Sunny, is my nephew, a very cute little bundle, with  a mischievous smile and full of life. Being the first grandson of our family, my mom took special care of him as a grandmother, and all of us, his 3 aunts and 4 uncles were there at his service. 

Sunny with me & my friend shiela
I have some very memorable moments of my nephew, who was good at imitating my dad that is grandfather.

My dad used to pray in the evening hours quietly without making much noise, and sunny would run and sit next to him, and pretend to pray like my dad. 

All of us would watch him with great love and admiration, and cover him hugs and kisses.

Sunny was always surrounded by all of us at home, and he used to imitate priests. I remember him dressing up like a priest, by putting on a white frock or petticoat, and celebrate mass at home. I used to sing all the hymns for him, and he will pretend giving us communion. We used to love to listen to his sermons in his own style imitating the local priest of our parish.

Sunny & me
One experience I can never forget is when my brother built his own house and shifted his family. Sunny grew so much attached to us, he cried bitterly and did not want to leave us; he was forced to go as his parents were moving out.  It was a very sad moment, and I still feel bad about it when I recall.

After some time, as grew up, we kept in touch, and sometimes I used to go for parent teacher meeting for him, when his parents were busy. He used to be very proud and happy to come with me on my bike, for this meeting. My mom used to make some very special curries and hide it for him at home, waiting to send it across or give it to him.

Sometimes sunny used to get down from the bus to stop by to see his grandmother, who was very fond of him.

Sunny’s parents were very attached to him, as he was the only child for them, and they did everything possible to see him happy.
Sunny's wedding, my two kids
Another incident I remember clearly was, when sunny reached high school, his parents asked him what gift he wanted for his birthday, and sunny said that he would want all of us (aunts, uncles and grandparents) to come for his birthday and celebrate the day with him. 

It was indeed a meaningful celebration in the family, and I do still cherish those memories in my life as an aunt. 

Today as he celebrates his birthday, I am proud and glad to be his aunt – and it’s such a pleasure to see him married and settled in life with two beautiful kids Nathan and Tabitha.

Sunny's Parents, Nathu, Dorothy & my niece Nancy

Sunny,Mona, Nathan & Tabitha

Today I want to wish sunny a very happy birthday, and also tell him what a wonderful gift he is to us in the family. May the good lord bless him abundantly, and may there be love, peace and harmony today and always in his life!

 “Your life is a message to the world, make sure its inspiring “ Maeve Garrison

With love !


  1. Great to read about Sunny, Janet aunty. I am Pearl (Pappu - Kutty and Job's daughter and Dhanraj and Radha's grand daughter from Venketapuram). Hope to connect with you on Facebook and in person.

    1. Hi pappu ! nice to hear from you, you brought in memories of meeting your aunt, convey my love to priscilla, and thanks for your comment, appreciate you !!


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