October 25, 2012

Birthday Remembrance of My Mom Rosemary Dass

Today is my mother’s birthday, a very memorable and unforgettable day.

My mother loved celebrations. She would be ready by early hours, dress up with new saree, matching accessories and ready to go to church for mass.

The evening hours were always special for her, for it would bring the whole family together; prayers were a must, followed by cake cutting and a family dinner. 

My heart is filled with gratitude for my mother for all that she was to the family, and today I recall, relive and remember with great love for all that she was to our family and specially to me.

May her soul rest in peace !


  1. Very well written. I wish I knew when we spoke earlier. My heartfelt wishes to your brother.

  2. Thanks Annie for stopping by, nice to hear from you. I shall convey your wishes ! take care!


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