October 15, 2012

Meaning in Life

 The death of my son helped me create meaning for my life in a newer way. I responded to every opportunity that came my way, and  gradually  learnt to accept the reality of my situation.  I reclaimed my lost hobby ie. Swimming. I started to swim every day for one whole year, leaving me refreshed. 

I took up part time work at the university, as a counselor and later on  made it my full time work, for I found my work very fulfilling. I agreed to do some sessions on stress management in colleges that made me  relook at my own style of managing stress, and inspired me to explore ways to address my own stress.

In the process, I also connected with so many different persons in my life, and I have begun to appreciate the beauty of persons and the difference they were making in this world.   I am still continuing to explore many other aspects of myself to find my own purpose in life, and live my life with gratitude, I am still in process….. 

As I keep exploring about my life. I find some noticeable happenings in our family. The entry of a cat, that has been visiting us every day.  Both my mother in law and husband David have developed attachment to this cat, for it came in after Emmanuel's departure. 

Now the cat has become part of our family, my husband ensures that the cat is fed and looked afters. What surprises me is that the cat has been responding, and comes in exactly when David is at home.  David is busy storing food for the cat, keeps the feed ready in the mornings as well as in the evenings. 

When the cat does not come for a day, he is so disturbed, that he starts searching for it and keeps on looking for its arrival.
Then there are some birds, who have become members of our family. Food is cooked daily for Emmanuel in his memory and placed at his photograph. The next day it is placed on the wall for the birds, now I see pigeons, crows and sparrows coming in to eat the leftover food. Now it’s mandatory that I cook food a little extra for the birds too, for  they have become  very regular and punctual for their feed. 

David has started taking interest in plants – he has been taking care of the plants every day, and enjoying the job of filling in the bucket and spending time early morning in watering the plants.
 I heard him say, that Emmanuel has left him with greater responsibility of taking care of cat, looking after the birds and watering the plants.  

I find all the three activities are not only creating meaning but also helping him to cope with grief.  Life is full of opportunities  and it is upto us to create meanings for our own lives.

 I am grateful to God for every opportunity that comes my way, to create meaning for my life.
 A great thinker asked God: what is the meaning of life? God replied, “Life itself has no meaning. LIFE IS AN OPPORTUNITY to create a MEANING! 

Be Grateful & Be Happy !

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