October 29, 2012

A Special Wedding Anniversary !

The 13th of October 2012 has been a very significant day for me; I can’t believe I have been married for 12 years.  Turning back I cannot say that “we are a perfect couple” or ours was a perfect marriage. 

It was a mixture of beautiful experiences, treasured moments, joy and sorrow combined together.  I remember even before my marriage I had been a very optimistic, enthusiastic and happy person. Because, I chose to be happy and grateful.   I can say that these qualities of mine have sustained me, even in the toughest situation of my life.

This year what made our day, the most memorable one was the initiative my daughter Dorothy took to celebrate our anniversary.  What touched my heart was that she along with my niece bought a card, a cake and small gifts for both of us from their pocket money.  

Dorothy our daughter has now become an expert in making collages, and she has made this lovely collage on our anniversary.  This is truly one of the finest gifts I have received, and I am so thankful to God almighty for blessing me with abundance love, joy and peace. This collage was made by my daughter Dorothy.

David was completely bowled over, by Dorothy’s gesture, he had no words to articulate for the experience given, so he reciprocated by cooking a delicious meal for all of us that day.

I am grateful for these small joys in my life! 

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