November 12, 2012


Its 5 days now and my heart is grieving, as I continue to my work at Sahayam, Osmania University’s Psychological centre.  We had one more student, who committed suicide by hanging on a tree. I feel terrible and helpless and extremely sad, I  found out that this student was depressed and was unable to cope with his anxiety and fear, which is such a common emotion, that could have been easily dealt.

Suicide is one of the most preventable forms of death.  Yet, people shy away from talking about it, in most of the situations the person does not really want to end his/her life.  Most of the time young people are looking for a space to deal with these emotions, and are willing to take help.The sad part is people around are unable to detect, and identify the various clues the person gives in their attempt to cope with the problem.

It does hurt us in a deeper way, and I keep thinking, why? Was there not a single person in this vast campus, who could identify the warnings this student would have given in different ways. This experience points out to the kind of system we are in; psychological counseling is still considered to be western concept.  There is a lack of awareness and understanding on its importance especially in an academic institution that has thousands of students who are pursuing their post graduations and research.

In my experience of working in this centre for the last one and half years, I found most of the students who came in for counseling had problems related to adjustments in the campus, as they come in from their  small home town, they are overwhelmed by this huge university which they feel frightened and anxious about, other issues are relationship issues, fear, anxiety, stress etc.

The issues appear very small and insignificant, if they are not dealt in time; it leads to other severe mental problems. The simplest thing to do is to address issues when they are small. What more can be done, we join hands with other services that are available for students and do our own bit, of creating awareness, orienting students on this service, that responds exclusively for students to de tress, a place for them to air out their issues, figure out their solutions in order that they progress academically. This note is for  all those who feel  sad and depressed for various reasons:

·         Remember having problem is normal.
·         The pain seems permanent, but it is actually not.
·         Give yourself some time, and WAIT.
·         Talk to someone who you can trust.
·         There are lots of good people in this world who are ready to help you.
·         There is enough and more information related to almost all issues on the net.
·         There are plenty of organizations that are working for health

If you are in Hyderabad, you can also contact some of the places for help:
  • Sahayam, Osmania University Psychological Counseling Centre
  • Cell:   040 -27682451. 8978191572 /9703737737    Email:
  • Hyderabad Academy of Psychology. 040-27847755 or 94939-75140 or 050-32578899.
  •  Makro Foundation: 040-46004600
Be Happy !

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