June 23, 2012

Thinking of Nissi

Yesterday was Nissi’s birthday, Nissi is my niece and she is great companion for my daughter Dorothy, I loved Nissi’s visits to my house for one special reason because she always attracted Emmanuel to herself.  

She used to help me in feeding Emmanuel, and also play with him, and when he was sick in the hospital, she visited him every day to help him in feeding and used to spend time playing in a quiet way. 

I can never forget those days when Nissi and her mom would bring steamed food and dal for my son, and also lunch for me, while I stayed in the hospital for almost 10 days. 

Nissi is also a person of deep faith in God, and always prayed with us.  Our family was always inspired by way she prayed, especially at a time, when I found difficult to pray, with my husband with a broken knee and my son being sick – I had a tough time to handle myself. My brother Vincent would come with  Maria and Nissi in the evening hours and pray with us for David's speedy recovery and for  Emmanuel's fever.

And now I forgot to wish her for her birthday, with too many things to handle, I came home very tired from work – while I desired to rest a while and get back into the routine, my brother Vincent calls me to remind me of his daughter’s birthday, stating that Nissi is very upset as we have forgotten to call her, and she was crying that nobody had bothered to wish her on her 16 birthday.  She wanted her father to call all the family members.  Nissi is the only daughter for my brother, and she is in college, so Vincent called me and invited me and our family for dinner.

It was 5p.m, a very short notice to plan to go out, as it was also cloudy and then what should I give Nissi at this time of the day, what do I shop for her.  I did not want to go out, somehow in my heart I felt I must go, for she brought in memories of how well she connected to my son, and then Dorothy my daughter insisted we go for she enjoyed Nissi’s company.

In a short notice, while I am still thinking of getting a gift, Dorothy was ready with her gift, I found Dorothy making collage of Nissi – it was beautiful, I got it framed and Nissi loved it and told me, she felt special. We are glad for Nissi in our family and  with gratitude we went to her house to celebrate the gift of her !

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