June 14, 2012

One More Chance to Be Alive

Today I had to travel almost 20 kilometers on the bike, since I enjoy riding, I was happy to go and visit an ICTC centre for counseling supervision.  While I completed my work, and was returning to my office in the afternoon, I was hit by a heavy bike that  was speeding away  breaking the traffic rules.

Within a fraction of seconds, I saw myself  lying on the middle of the road with helmet on my head and vehicles passing all sides. I got up and tried to lift my bike  which was damaged partially, and thanks to an young adolescent who helped  me with the bike, meanwhile the cops too came and tried to help me start my bike.

For a moment I was shocked, and was shivering, the only thought that came to my mind was my daughter , tears started rolling down my eyes – I am not prepared to leave her young, she needs my support and I want her to be independent, to be living her life.  

I have no regrets for where I am in life, and what I am doing, I am happy for every experience that has shaped me and has kept me happy, healthy and grateful.  I took my bike to the mechanic shop and got it repaired immediately, and started riding again, to continue my work. I am thankful to God for the gift of life to me, I just had a narrow escape, and I could have been killed today!

This incident today has doubled my gratitude, I am thanking God a hundred times for preserving me and protecting me, there is not a single scratch on my body, I am safe and secure despite being hit and fallen on the road – I am beginning to understand that I have a limited time on this earth, therefore, It becomes extremely important to   focus on what is essential in life. 

This experience motivates me, to renew myself, and relook at the quality of my life, to reach my highest capacity, to love, give and make a difference to those around.  

Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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