May 10, 2012

My Favourite- Psalm 139

Psalm 139 from the Bible is one of my favourite, and I love to sing this psalm.  It’s all time favourite, and I sing whenever I want to, for this psalm not only   energizes me, but I also feel very good when I sing this psalm. I had by hearted every sentence of this psalm, and am using it as an affirmation especially when I feel tired and alone in life.

I used this psalm as an  affirmation at different times in my life, when I was getting married, when I got  pregnant, and was concerned about my baby, when I took a risk to purchase a flat, and whenever I was challenged by life – this psalm always rescued me and brought me peace in my heart and in my life.

This psalm helped me even when I learnt to swim, I used to get very frightened to move towards deep waters to swim, and I came out of this fear only singing this psalm in my mind.

I have learnt to sing this psalm, and I sing it while I am riding or doing house work or just taking a walk, this psalm provides me a feeling of security, and also reminds me that I am not alone, for I am connected to the divine, and I am divinely guarded and guided. This  psalm  helps when you are anxious, worried and feel lost, its empowering when you sing and say it to yourself.

Yahweh I know you are near
Standing always at my side
You guard me from the foe
And you lead me in ways everlasting.

Lord you have searched my heart
And you know when I sit and when I stand
Your hand is upon me, protecting me from death
Keeping me from harm.

You know my heart and its ways
You who formed me before I was born
In the secret of darkness, before I saw the sun
In my mother’s womb.

Marvelous to me are your works
How profound are your thoughts my Lord,
Even if I could count them, they number as the stars
Still I find you there.

May you be empowered !

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