May 3, 2012

A Daughter is a Gift of Love

April 30, 2012 was David’s birthday and he was in no mood for celebration, as he is still missing and grieving for Emmanuel, it’s been very tough for him, as he very attached to him. 

While I did not know what to do but accept the situation as it is in my life, for I too miss him, and it’s a reality that he is no more. Thanks to my swimming that energizes me every day, and thanks to the  students who come to meet me at the centre, listening to their issues, I had learnt to cope and accept the loss of my son to a certain extent.
My daughter Maria Dorothy is full of life, and she loves to celebrate, loves good food and enjoys herself with whatever is provided at home. She was so excited for her father’s birthday, her preparations began one week ahead.

She started putting the old photos of David together in a folder and made a collage out of it for this birthday.

She made sure that I order a small cake, organized the family prayer with Rachael, my niece who is with me for holidays and made the day into a beautiful experience for us as a family, I am so happy and glad for her in my life.  Dorothy motivation inspired me to make some special meal and appreciate David for his Faith in God, generosity, commitment, love and care he has for me and our family.  We thanked the Lord for the gift of him, and adding a year more to his life.

David was lost for words, as he looked at the collage, and all that was written for him, all he could do was to hug and say thanks to all of us .This experience made him proud and happy that his little baby girl has now grown so big to have his birthday celebrated.

"A daughter is a beautiful reflection of God's grace."
Author: Lynn A. Pena
  Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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