April 25, 2012

What do you have?

Today I was reading selected quotes of Prem Rawat, who has created a foundation that helps people to live in dignity and peace.  I am inspired by the following lines ……

What do you have?

You have a breath. You have a day. You have an hour. You have a minute. You have a second. This is not fiction. This is not some idea. This is your reality. Reality that you can touch, Reality that you can feel. Reality that you can understand.

With you is magic. Within you the dance of life is unfolding.  Within you a beautiful play is unfolding. Do you want to witness it? Do you want to see it? Do you want to understand what you have been given? Not what you have created, but what you have been given?

Why is it that we only understand the preciousness of something when it has been taken away from us? The wise one is the one who understands the preciousness while they have it, because that’s when it can be enjoyed.

Enjoyment begins with the simple breath – the most subtle, most amazing gift given to a human being.  And you have a capacity to understand it and know it.  This is possible in my life, in your life.

(An extract from selected quotes of Prem Rawat)

I recall Emmanuel, my son who is no more. How he struggled for breath for one whole month, and finally gave up his fight.  The experience of having watched him struggle to breathe freely day and night brings deep pain even till now. I have understood the value of each breath, and while I breathe freely this hour, this minute and this moment……  

 I am grateful to God for the gift of  my breath that is life giving, not only for me, but also for my family and friends. May these lines help you experience the most important reality of life – our very breath!

Be Blessed & Be Happy!

 Note: I am thankful  for this beautiful picture of the rose, which I have taken from the internet.

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