April 18, 2012

A Dream of a Mother

My mother had a dream, a dream to build the house, wherein she will have her own space for herself, and all her children and grand children will visit and spend time with her. Unfortunately, she had no means of living, she was dependent on her children, as my dad worked for a private company, and what he earned was enough to sustain the family, and there was nothing left after his death for her survival, except the house, which was given to her by her mother. 

  My dad had invested money in building the house, and there was nothing left for my mother.  As long as we were together as a family, we supported one another and managed the house, and then one by one every member of the family settled and started their own life.

I was the last daughter to be married, I could not see my mom, old and alone struggling to make a living in a huge house, so I suggested her to move to my brothers house, where she will be with a family, reluctantly she agreed and moved out of the house, hoping that one day the house will be built, and her dream will come true, I moved to my in laws house with a sad and heavy heart thinking of my mother.

She continued her struggle in life for six years, trying to get the house built, but in vain, I understood her desire, but felt helpless,   I could not do much to ease her heartache.  Being dependent on sons, she moved from one house to another, and finally she gave up her dream.

Exactly after one and half year after her death, the house was built by two of my brothers, I felt sad for I missed my mom; her dream had come true, but without her.  Whenever I step into that house, I feel my mom, for that place contains some very meaningful and beautiful moments of our family – the memories of my dad, mom and our experiences of growing up together as brothers and sisters, the unity we felt while we prayed, shared the meal, the struggles and pains we experienced while trying to settle down in life.

The house that belonged to my mother was shared by two of the members in the family, and now after 6 years,  my two brothers came together to help another younger brother to get a house as he does not have a place of his own. 

So a house was purchased and given to the last  brother, who does not have a one,  an opportunity for the family to come together  and share what each had.  Some of the members shopped and got the groceries and vegetables, while some came early and offered to cook, and the others helped in transporting the meal, organizing the prayer and getting the place done. 

It was a memorable experience that renewed family relationships, uniting us in prayer, and fellowship meal. Later on the house was handed over to my last brother to be occupied. 

I am confident, my parents are happy to see us together; especially my mother who was so attached to the house will be in peace, to see her children reaching out to one another. I thank God for what has happened and I journey in gratitude finding my own purpose ………..

Be Blessed & Be Happy !

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