April 17, 2012

Making a Difference!

It’s been a long time, there has been so many things happening in my life, both at the office and at the family, which kept me away from being connected on the net. But I am happy, to be back again writing a few lines to express my gratitude, and sharing my experience.

Today I reminded myself once again, how privileged and lucky, I am to be alive, and happy! The more I look at, my family, friends, colleagues, the happier I feel to be surrounded by people who love me, I enjoy good health of mind, body and spirit, which keeps me active and healthy. 

The work place is a very sacred space of my life, that I treasure and love to be, as it adds meaning to my life, I am touched and motivated to do my work with greater zeal; for a student had come to meet me, travelling more than 150 kms only to express his gratitude, he walked straight in and touched my feet, I was taken aback, embarrassed, had no words.

Later he told me, while we sat in the counseling room,  how thankful he was for having met me, for helping him to work on his thought patterns. He was feeling so much negative about himself, and had a very low opinion about himself.  He was not sure whether he would write his exams, whether he would find a job? There were so many fears and anxieties. 

But today he has completed his exams, and has also been absorbed by a college as junior lecturer, has fallen in love with a girl from his own community, and is getting married in this month.  

He had come to invite me for his wedding. While I listened to him, I could not believe the change, from when I met him to what I saw him today. I am filled with gratitude for what I experienced that day! I am motivated enough, for I am happy to make a difference in my work place! I am energized and renewed! 

Be Happy!

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