March 28, 2012

My journey in gratitude continues ...

 This month has been a hectic one for me, especially at my work place, where there has been a series of meetings and programmes as part of our commitment. Also I was also very excited that the swimming pool started functioning from this month, so I enrolled once again for this year, and was happy to get back to swimming, which is joy for me. The very touch of waters sends me a thrill, and I love spending time in the pool.

I have been swimming  just a week, and I developed cold and cough, an pain in my throat, so I just gave a break for myself, I stopped swimming  for two days– instead visited the doctor to check if there was some infection, there was, so I am now on antibiotics. 

This morning, I got up after a good night’s rest, and as usual practiced yoga, without pushing myself too much, with doing whatever exercises I felt like doing, and spent some time in meditation, where I did some deep breathing exercises. 

I cooked and served healthy food for the family, sent my daughter Dorothy to school and spent some time with Rachael my 17 year old niece, who has come home to stay with us for holidays,   showing her some inspiring books that are with me to read, and what she could do at home while I am away for work.

To help myself, I packed a small box of raw food, containing, carrots, beetroot, and cucumber to my office, (whatever was available at home) with a small serving of chapatti and dal.  While I worked the whole morning, busy preparing for another workshop – the afternoon I took a short break, and sent some thank you notes to some of my friends, who were on my mind and who have been so much part of my life, that I cannot forget them. 

As my heart filled with thanksgiving, I quickly wrote what I felt to them with great love, and I sensed the energy level rise in me.  It has also been a long time, since I posted something on the blog, so I decided to post on my blog, what I experienced.  While I made a decision to be kind to myself – I have done everything to honor myself and keep myself happy.

I keep moving on ……. a journey of gratitude …. To dare to love, care and share what I have …

Be Blessed & Be happy!


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