October 21, 2011

My Trip to New Delhi

Life is full of surprises, and for me the biggest surprise came in when I was asked to attend a workshop in Delhi, I was not sure whether I would make it, as it has been more than 10 years in my life, I had gone for a live in workshop, and with Emmanuel, I could never make up my mind, even if there was opportunity, now with Emmanuel more, it was only my daughter that I needed to worried about, and was not sure how my David my husband and my mother in law will respond, me being out for 5 days, and I wondered if this was possible. 
 I spoke to my in charge, she asked me a straight question, do you want to go ? make  up your mind first and leave the rest to work – true enough, I made a decision, and rest everything fell in its place, while I did, I was still thinking about my daughter, whether she will manage without me, and how will things be in my absence and how would my husband and mother in law respond, when I tell them that I would be traveling out of station.

To my surprise, my daughter had no problem when I shared with her, she was willing to manage, and my sister was ready to help her, when I spoke to my husband, he was very open to the idea, and my mother in law assured me that she will take care of the house in my absence.

So I set out with confidence, and it was a wonderful experience for me to be in Delhi and attend an interesting workshop conducted by the Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia (DASSA) World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Research in the Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Problems & the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. The aim of this workshop was to build capacity in India to provide screening and brief intervention (BI) for substance use problems. This workshop was held at the Clarion-Qutab Hotel, New Delhi.

It was a very good break for me, as the I got something new to learn, and also had the opportunity to interact with different kinds of people, with a lovely ambience, good food, friends and most important, a refreshing moment to be  in the company of myself. I enjoyed the luxury of being served, away from the household work, and the routine of taking care of people around me.  I came back fresh with enthusiasm and desire to do something meaningful in this area.

I am grateful to God for the opportunity provided, for all the learnings I have had, and for all those lovely people in my life. I surprised myself with the decision I made, and the risk I took to leave behind my daughter, whose attachment has grown in the absence of my son, but then I am glad, I provided opportunity for my daughter to manage herself, and allowed my husband and in law to take care of themselves.  I am now confident and learning to trust myself.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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