October 4, 2011

Being Myself

In the past few days, I had made a deliberate decision to go slow, focus on what I want to do and be happy just being myself, there is no speed, no hurry, no pressure of achieving, no worry, tension, but quietly living one day at a time.
  • Enjoying the company of people who love me
  • Appreciating every day as it comes
  • Doing my bit at home ie. Clearing up the clutter
  • Teaching my daughter to give away what is not required for her
  • (Clothes, books, and toys),
  • Putting the files, papers in order at the office
  • Taking my daughter to swim in the deep waters and encourage and motivating
  • Helping my brother to clear his clutter with the help of my sister
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Praying together as a family everyday and
  • Most important being happy and making a difference in small ways, wherever and whenever I want to.
 This has brought in so much peace, comfort, contentment and happiness in just being who I am, Life seems so simple, when we are in touch with the inner most part of our self, and spend our time and energy in just being ourselves.  I am motivated by this inspiration that reads as follows:

I will be
What I will be
And I will do what I will do.
Here is where I spend my energy.

I need all my energy to be
What I am today.
Today I will work in rhythm with myself
And not with what “I should be”
And to work in rhythm with myself
I must keep tuned in to myself.
Just keep pace with myself
Just be what I will be.

-Hugh Prather

Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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