August 17, 2011

A Short Break

I have returned from a short break from Bangalore – and I am feeling quite good about the trip, this trip was scheduled last year during this time, our tickets were booked, and I was busy packing my children’s clothes, getting ready for travel, when my husband returned home with a fractured knee – and we had to cancel the trip to attend to him. 

 I felt bad and also very disappointed as this was the first trip in my 12 years of married life, where only I, my husband and children decided to spend some time as a family.  This year again it’s the same time, and I was feeling sad, as my son is not there this year to travel with us, but I felt his presence among us.  He was there where ever went. 

We spent a day in the Infant Jesus shrine, attended mass, and spent some quiet time in the adoration chapel, which is a beautiful  prayer room and very calm and quiet, and one feels energized just sitting in that place doing nothing, by just being aware of God’s presence.   

This gave me some time to relook at myself, my life as to what I am doing? And how things have worked out in my life to reach where I am today, I had no regrets for whatever has happened in my life, for I am thankful that despite tough situations and loss, I am still able to smile, for I know that nothing is permanent in this world, and everything is subject to change.  I have learnt to look at the positive side of life, and believe that all things work for good for those who believe in God.  (Romans: 8:28).

I have once again begun to honor myself and my needs, affirm and appreciate myself as a beautiful person, and enhance my life daily by simple acts of self nurturing. I decide to wake up each morning with a deep sense of gratitude, self love, self esteem and the knowledge that I deserve good things in my life, and it is my birthright to be happy and successful.  

This short break has done a lot of good to me, as a person  and also I am happy because it has brought us closer to each other as family,  I am refreshed, renewed to continue my journey in life, with gratitude ! 

The most important things in life are your family, friends, health, good humor and a positive attitude
towards life. If you have these then you have everything! ----Author Unknown

Be Blessed and Be Happy !


  1. Janet - Glad you all had a wonderful time together - long overdue. I remember how you had it all planned last year, and then David's accident. Emmanuel's absence must have been a huge void..I remember the pics of the two children at the Shrine taken when the entire family went. I'm certain he's watching over you all..

  2. Thanks corinne, nice to hear from you, and am also happy about the break - its a new kind of a feeling without Emmanuel, yet there is faith,hope, love and togetherness.. I too believe Emmanuel is very much there watching from above, and making some things happen.


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