August 5, 2011

Friend - Gift for yourself

On Friendship Day I remember all my friends who have been a great source of inspiration and support for me, I have grown because of my friends.  Friends have been my strength in times of trials, and problems.  I am privileged to have good friends in my life, friends are treasures, and to find a good friend is a blessing.

A friend is a present you give yourself." - Robert Louis Stevenson

I remember at different stages of my life, my friends helped me find my true self, with my friends, I am just me and that is a big relief, for I know my friends love and accept me as I am. My friends have helped me to remove my mask, and have led me into a journey into myself, it is wonderful to have friends who are honest, and open, and it is such a comfort to be in their company, I have survived every challenge in my life because of my friends.
I owe a great deal of whatever I am today to my friends.

Friends are God's ways of apologizing for our families."  Anonymous

This post is to YOU MY FRIENDS 

Wherever you are, know that you are remembered with much love and gratitude, I am so privileged and happy to have found you in my life and every encounter has brought in a lot of meaning to my life, I cherish every event, and all the time I had spent with each one of you – and in every way you have touched my life, and I am no longer the same.  

There were moments when I could not handle myself, and you were there for me, holding my hands and spending your valuable time with me;  when I struggled to deal with certain emotions, you reflected my feelings, communicated understanding and helped to sort out myself; when I was confused and felt lost, you listened to me with love and helped me find answer for myself; there were also times I wept bitterly when I was hurt, and when I lost my only son; and you were there offering me comfort and solace; thank you for affirming me, and empowering me with skills to become self dependent; and above all THANKS FOR LOVING AND ACCEPTING ME AS I AM.

Your friend is your needs answered."  Kahlil Gibran

To all my friends who are reading my post a very Happy Friendship Day and May the Good lord bless you in abundance, and may you be filled with peace and harmony at all times in my life.

"Friends are the sunshine of life." John Hay

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