August 27, 2011

Parents – are a Blessing

Today I had gone to meet the teachers at my daughter’s school, this was the first meeting of this year, and I did not want to miss it, so I drove to the school, and met her class teacher and also her subject teachers, the feedback was very positive, and the teachers were appreciating her for her good behaviour and interest she displayed in the class room, I was happy to hear that she was considered one of the best student in the class among the top 5 students.

While I was happy that my daughter is progressing well academically and has improved a lot compared to her previous class, I saw so many parents, the class rooms were full, and the teachers were very busy giving feedback to the parents on their children, and I found some of the parents were so particular about the marks scored by their children, some parents were  scolding the children for scoring less in some subjects, and were telling the teachers to be strict with their children to bring in behaviour changes.

This brought in memories of my own school days, and I never ever remember my mom coming to school to meet the teacher, it was the responsibility of the sisters and teachers to take care of my studies, and my mom came in only when there was a complain, or only when she was asked to by the management in case there was a delay in payment of fees etc.  

I realize times have changed, my mother studied only upto class IV, being the only daughter for my grandparents, she was not allowed to go beyond class IV as the concept was, what will she do after studying, one day she has to be married, and her life will be to  take care of the children and the kitchen. So she was married in a bigger family, wherein she had to take care of my uncle’s family too.

 It was difficult for her to manage a large family, but she was very generous and gave herself freely in doing all that she can and ensured that all nine of us children went to school, and was particular that at least we reach standard X.  She never put any pressure on any of us to come first in the class or get high grades, but in her own way handled every child with great love, concern and patience.

I marvel how she would have managed, and value all that she did for me. Despite problems and difficulties in the family, she was always encouraging and ever willing to support us in completing school education, she was always there for us at home, ready to receive when we came back from school, my dad worked very hard day and night to make ends meet, and she managed house without a helper, training my brothers to assist her in work.

I remember my brothers sweeping the house, giving us bath, and helping my mom to wash & dry clothes. Today all of us live our own lives; I am filled with Gratitude for my parents and my brothers and sisters for all that they did, in helping me in my journey.  

“The most important thing that parents can teach their children is how to get along without them.  Frank A Clark quotes.”

Have a Grateful Day!

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