September 2, 2011

At the National Park
This time when we went to visit the shrine at Bangalore, my daughter was very anxious, wanting to know whether we shall spend all the days praying in the church, or is there any other plan made, I understood her concern, and shared it with my husband, who agreed to  take her out for a change, meanwhile I browsed on the net and  found a National Zoo Park at Bannergahtta, 22 kms away from Bangalore city which  has aquarium,  children’s park, crocodile farm, Snake Park; safari’s to see the tiger.

The visit to the National Park at Bannerghatta,  was a enjoyable one wherein Dorothy our daughter had a good time watching the animals and the birds,  as I walked  along with her and sharing her enthusiasm, and moving around with excitement, it was like reliving my childhood days, and for some time I got to see the lovely sight of elephants blessing the visitors, tiger walking up and down after lunch  and leopards resting in the waters  through my child’s eyes, which  expressed awe wonder and amazement.

I realized we get so serious about our lives, we are unable to see the beauty of nature, and we take everything for granted, I was happy to be in the company of my daughter, as the whole experience was so refreshing that I was not tired despite walking for long distances – I thank God for my daughter, for she brought in so much joy and helped me see through her eyes the beauty of God’s creation. 

Thank you Dorothy, for your presence in my life and it’s wonderful to see through their eyes!

Be Blessed and Be happy!

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