August 26, 2011

Fruits for Dinner

In the last few months, health is been one of my major priority to work at, I began addressing it by doing something to get active and healthy in life.  To my good luck, I found a beautiful pool in the place where I worked, and so started to swim every day, its four months now, and I am so happy to swim every day for an hour, and to my surprise, I am still energetic at the end of the day, it’s a myth that some people feel that swimming everyday for an hour will make one tired and exhausted.

My experience is that it has brought in a lot more of energy and also has helped me reduce a few pounds, and I look forward eagerly every morning to be back in the pool – it’s a special time for me, and I would not like to compromise with anything else in my life, I have created this time for myself and I am enjoying my own company.

This week I also made a small decision to include fruits as one part of the meal – normally, I used to just add one fruit which can be eaten raw either for breakfast or lunch, but I did not feel much difference, I heard that eating only fruits for one meal helps, so I have started eating fruits for dinner and vow! What a feeling! I feel light, and some fruits gives you the feeling of fullness, you don’t feel hungry, I make a fruit salad of papaya, apples, guava’s, banana & pomegranates depending on its availability, sometimes, I add a little salt and pepper for taste, other times I just eat one fruit, I am learning to develop right eating habits, and I am training myself to quit eating when I am full.

When my husband noticed what I was doing, he joined me, so now two of us are eating fruits for dinner, and in the last two days my mother in law has joined, so now I am happy I do not have to cook in the evening, as the dinner is easy to make and it is also healthy to eat.  I make a very small meal to cater to my daughter, who sometimes watching us eat fruit settles down for small bowl of apples & bananas.  

 I continue to make thank you notes, and in early mornings I sit in gratitude in front of the creator, and also practice a few rounds of mind conditioners – stating that I am divinely guided, protected and all is well in my world.  End of the day I rest in gratitude for everything I could accomplish.  I am still exploring to bring in changes in my life as well as in our family to live in harmony & gratitude.

Be Blessed & Be Happy !


  1. I have been trying to lose some weight too! May I know how is the fruits for dinner working for you? I did heard eating fruits for dinner is bad as it has too much sugar. Please share your experience. Thanks! :)

  2. Fruits for dinner does help as the body does not have any physical activity, after dinner.

    I combine a few seasonal fruits like a water melon, apple, musk melon, papaya, pomegranate, I try and avoid grapes, as this might increase sugar level, instead I have added some grated carrots, cucumber & dates.

    I feel much better and lighter and healthy. I am still exploring different things for losing weight, the process is gradual.

    I have included yoga and meditation in the early hours, drink plenty of water and keep a list of things I need to be thankful for everyday.

    We have to evolve our own meal plan, depending on our body, and the kind of work we do, there is no readymade plan for losing weight, it depends on our body and issues we have with our body.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you find something that is helpful to you!


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