August 22, 2011

Happy Rainy Day !

Its rainy season, and it is raining everyday day in the evening hours, afraid of being caught in the rain, I rush in and rush back home on time, especially to escape from the traffic on the roads, and I also need to pick up my daughter from the bus stop.  I am happy when I get caught in the rain, I feel like singing, and the whole experience of being wet creates a sense of happiness, and leads me down the memorable moments of childhood wherein I loved rain, and always found some reason to get out and play in the in the rain, only to get shouting from my mom.

I recall making paper boats and set it on water to sail, competing with my neighbour friends, who would also come with their paper boats, so much of excitement, fun and thrill, only to watch a small little paper boat moving in the water.  Those were small joys, but filled me with so much happiness.

Rainy season also reminds me of my mom who used to wait for us to come back from school, and serve us with hot onion pakodas, potatoes fries, bread toast and I used to love the tea she would make, and enjoy every sip on a rainy day.

Now my daughter wants to go out in the rain and play, and I do not want to permit – I am afraid, she will catch cold and fall sick, I think of my mom, and then I think of myself, then I change my mind, and  allow her to get a little wet, to play little and help her in making small boats, she is alone, no children to compete with her, her brother is not there to clap hands, so I join her only to see a big smile on her face and to hear her laughter as she gets  little wet, I am happy ! and so is my daughter, its the small little joys, that makes a great difference ! Happy Rainy Day !

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Be Blessed and Be Happy !

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