July 21, 2011

My Favourite Companion

My bike is my favorite companion for it takes me everywhere, and I am happy riding on my bike to drop my daughter at the bus stop, so that she can take her school bus, I ride to go for swimming, and then I ride to go to my office, and I reach on time to pick up my daughter again in the evening hours, and my bike carries me and my daughter with so much comfort and ease.  

I have started loving my bike, and feel so blessed for owning my bike which has led me to so many places in the city, and also has helped me accomplish all the task that is required – with my bike, I shop for vegetables, I go to church, I visit my friends, and sometimes I attend some workshops, seminars, functions and participate in celebrations and  I don’t worry about the traffic, as my bike will find a way even in a very heavy traffic, for it just require a narrow space to keep moving, it carries me to far off places, and takes me in lanes and by lanes, and helps me save a lot of my time. 

With my bike as a companion I stop by to have some tea/juice whatever I am inclined to  at my favorite places, I rejoice and  am truly blessed by this companion, whatever be the weather, my bike is there to carry me along, and every day, I am grateful for the gift of my bike.

I feel so happy and proud of my bike and a sense of gratitude flows through me while I ride, I sing my favorite hymns /songs, and  feel deep connection to the divine, I sometimes recite some positive affirmations to keep  my heart happy and when the cool breeze touches my face it adds to my joy, making riding a fun. I feel so much independent and free riding along, enjoying the simple pleasure of a ride. 

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. “- John F. Kennedy

Be Happy !

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