July 21, 2011

I Gave Myself an “A “

Last week  I decided to give an “A”  rewarding myself by stopping at a beauty shop and bought some skin creams and moisturizer to apply before entering the swimming pool and after I come out of the pool, the last two months of swimming in the pool has made me tan, my face, hands and legs have become dark, I had not bothered about it as I was very determined to learn the skill of swimming, and I got so lost, that rushed in early, and rushed back to my work.  I looked at the mirror, and I found my skin has tanned so much, and it was giving me a tired look. 
Getting those creams to apply on myself, boosted my self confidence, I felt much better, and also found that the creams were working on me, I looked much better, because I gave myself an” A” and it made all the difference.  So now I am happy for  the” A” I gave myself, for it  has pushed me to  learn to float backwards in the deep waters, it was a beautiful moments for me, because for the first time I dared to float  lying on my back facing the sky – the whole experience was so energizing and joyful, I could not believe myself doing this effortlessly, the best part of this exercise was that I was totally relaxed despite making 3 rounds to and fro – I have learnt it well now that in order to float backwards, we just need to keep our body straight and completely relax in the waters without any fear, and just enjoy being with slow hand movements, and your body moves , even when you don’t beat your legs. 

From my swimming experience, I tried to give an “A” to my colleague who works with me, and does all the administrative and accounts work, I surprised her with a thank you mail, and for the work that she was supposed to do, and by appreciating her I was telling her that “I know you will do a great job, following up on all the paper work!” and she was probably telling herself “Wow she trusts me to do this work, and I must do all I can to live up to her expectations”, and so she went ahead on her own, found the processes required for the paper work, to get us paid on time – and the work was done. 

We have always experienced conditional love from our parents and our elders, it is so common to hear and sometimes, I too get into making the mistake of telling my daughter, if you do well in your exams I get you a gift or I shall take you out for sightseeing etc, I am learning that rewarding ourselves and other people in advance makes a lot of difference!

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”.

Give yourself an A today !

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